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Hi there! I’m Mike, and I’m old enough to know who Danny La Rue is – that’s as far as I’ll go in disclosing my age. Actually, that has more to do with my love for old glamour and all things vintage, which is how I got into bingo in the first place. As a kid, I used to love listening to my grandmother recount her days as a production manager at the local theatre. When she’d take me to a bingo game with her friends – all actors, set designers, and makeup artists, I just sat there and took in all of their stories, name dropping, and anecdotes as they casually marked numbers.

There was something mesmerising about the way the caller would announce the numbers, the little banters, the clinking sound of bracelet charms against the table, and that atmosphere of the bingo hall that takes you back to the times that my nan and her friends were reminiscing about.

So, throughout the years, bingo has stuck with me not only as a fond memory but also a tradition I believe we need to keep alive. Nowadays, as an event planner, I enjoy organising bingo games and try to recreate the spirit of those days, but I’m also a millennial who does virtually everything online, and I appreciate the need for a more modern approach. I see online bingo sites as this converging point of our history and modern ways.

On this blog, I post the latest news and updates from the industry – whether it’s new regulations that the operators need to comply with or the latest promotions that I think players will be interested in checking out.

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    When I’m not immersed in bingo, I will likely be out on a hiking trail with my earbuds blasting rock music. There is something truly special about scaling a peak with Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” as an accompaniment. I’m also somewhat of a fan of classic television gameshows and presenters such as Bob Barker, whose personality was always shining through.

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    I currently live in Manchester with my girlfriend and we have two dogs, a Labrador called Lucky and a Beagle called Bingo, of course.

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