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So Many Brand New Online Bingo Sites – The Choice Seems Endless

Wondering what all the fuss is about regarding the online UK bingo phenomenon that has taken the country by storm? Is the office buzzing with last night’s tales of fun, and you’re feeling a little left out?
It feels like every time you log on these days there are a raft of new bingo sites appearing online. If you’re not into playing bingo this may at first seem very strange. How can all these sites compete? Why are there so many springing up in what seems an already saturated market? Of course if you love the game you’re probably very happy the choice keeps growing. And you’ll be even happier to learn that there will be plenty more to come.

New UK Bingo Sites

Bingo Min Deposit Regulation Bonus * Website
Costa Bingo £10 GBGA&UKGC £40 + 30 free spins Play Now
£10 GBGA&UKGC £30 Bonus + 25 free spins Play Now
Promo Code: PLAY30. 18+ UK Only, First-time depositors only, Min Deposit £10, Wagering requirements, general withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31/12/2021. Click “PLAY NOW” for more information.
£10 GBGA & UKGC £25 Bingo Bonus + 100 Bingo Tickets + 20 Free Spins Play Now
Promo Code: WOODS. 18+ UK Only, First-time depositors only, Min Deposit £10, Wagering requirements, general withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31/12/2021. Click “PLAY NOW” for more information.
£10 GBGA & UKGC £25 bingo bonus + 50 bingo tickets + 25 Free Spins Play Now
#AD, Promo Code: PIZTASTIC. 18+ UK Only, First-time depositors only, Min Deposit £10, Wagering requirements, general withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31.12.2021. Click “PLAY NOW” for more information.
£10 GGC & UKGC 220 bingo tickets + 22 spins Play Now
#AD, Promo code: CRISP. 18+ UK Only, First time depositors only, Min Deposit £10. General withdrawal restrictions & full T&Cs apply. Valid until 31/12/2021. Click “PLAY NOW” for more information.
* T&C’s apply – 18+, click PLAY NOW for details

Why Should I Change To One of the Brand New Bingo Sites?

Many players find a site, like it and stick with it, and who are we to blame them? So many of the most popular bingo sites offer great loyalty promotions, and a happy, friendly community, that they don’t want to go anywhere else. There are also just as many that like variety and view all new offerings as a breath of fresh air. It can be quite hard for an existing bingo provider to bring in change. Loyal customers are there because they like the brand, so it can be a tough balancing act when introducing something new. A new bingo site has no existing customers to keep happy, so they have the chance to try something radical. Excitement, thrill and a great sense of fun is what the newest bingo sites are offering. A lot of players are on the lookout for this type of gaming experience.

Newbie Friendly

New players are trying new online bingo sites every day, and this is an area of the market where everybody wants a piece of the action. While all the majors are making efforts to make novice players feel at home, their sites can be a little overwhelming for someone with no experience. Having so much going on, a fresh player could become very confused. Luckily, operators are aware of that and will often feature on their websites detailed rules explanations, guides, and tutorials. Even better, in the special “Newbie” rooms, newly signed-up players can play free bingo for up to ten days after registration in order to get to grips with the mechanics of the games and practice completely risk-free. Some new bingo sites in the UK have created a niche market, with sites designed with complete newbies in mind. Set up almost as if they’ve gone backwards, game simplicity without any of the clutter, and very easy to navigate sites are just what a lot of newcomers want. Not to mention the fact that some experienced players are joining because they want that – simple, pure bingo.

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The Market For New Online Bingo Sites Just Keeps On Growing

New bingo sites listedFor obvious reasons, a lot of the newest bingo sites are out to grab new players. Growth of the game really hasn’t stopped since 2005. Advertising on TV, in newspapers and magazines, has put bingo into everybody’s mind. Once viewed as a popular pastime for the older generations, bingo has now gained popularity with people of all ages and from a variety of walks of life. With this in mind online bingo is catering for this new influx of players, and they are increasing their customer base in lots of exciting and interesting ways. For example, older sites like 888ladies and Lucky Pants seemed to be all purples and pinks, aimed at the older female player. Whereas newer sites have toned down the colours to appeal to a much wider audience. The same goes for the actual gameplay. Bingo providers understand that the new market wants the bingo experience to keep having a novel twist. And some of the best new bingo sites are doing just that.

But Bingo Is Bingo – What’s So Different with a New Site?

Yes the actual gameplay of say 90 ball bingo is essentially the same game across the board. But the format is almost limitless in the way it can be tweaked. New themed rooms add a totally different feel to the game, and suddenly 90 ball bingo has a totally new feel. There doesn’t appear to be a single subject that can’t have a bingo site based around it. If you like dinosaurs for instance, a couple of sites have been made with solely dino influenced sound and visuals. Or if you secretly want to be a pirate one of the newest bingo sites is all ‘Arhh and Jim lad’. Childish to some, maybe, but great tongue in cheek fun for others.

For the Best New Bingo Sites, Software Is Everything!

The software used by a bingo site can make or break it. After all, who’s going to want a play a game that keeps crashing? And who wants to spend their hard earned cash on a game that doesn’t work as it should? There are several software companies out there that have made software for playing bingo online. Back in the early days, to be able to play you needed to download software from the site. A lot of sites had standalone software, and this was a big commitment to develop and maintain. As the game grew, networked sites really kicked off. Using the same software enabled bingo games to be linked, creating ever larger numbers of players for one game, and thereby increasing the prize pool. This unfortunately had the effect of making a lot of sites feel the same, with the same rooms available on many sites. There are now many bingo networks running different software platforms, making it possible to find a different playing experience. Whatever it is you’re looking for in the newest UK bingo sites.

New Bingo Sites – but Never The Less Very Familiar

The best new bingo sites have managed to create sites that feel familiar, yet are different. Quite an impressive balancing act we should say. By being part of an existing network they can offer staple favorites with the bigger cash prizes, an obvious attraction for a certain kind of player. But by spending some effort creating exclusive games for their own site, some have managed to inject something different, and many online bingo players this is right up their street. Having their own customer support and promotions, go further to distance themselves from the pack.

A Decade Apart

To see how newcomers measure up to long-standing names, we compared two Dragonfish-powered sites launched within ten years of each other.

YayBingo vs 888Ladies

Yay Bingo offers free tickets and free spins and features innovative bingo rooms. Even though it’s still early for native apps, Yay doesn’t fall short of number of slots, convenient payment methods and customer support.

220 bingo tickets + 22 Spins
£45 + 30 Free Spins
Number of games
250 slots, 9 bingo rooms 90-ball, 75-ball, 52-ball bingo
351 slots, 18 bingo rooms 90-ball, 75-ball, 5-line bingo
Daily jackpots, free spins, free bingo
Daily jackpots, free spins, free bingo
Responsive mobile design
iOS / Android apps
Loyalty programme
Ace Club
Joy Gem VIP Club
Payment options
e-wallets, debit cards, prepaid cards, bank wire
e-wallets, debit cards, prepaid cards, bank wire
Customer care
Toll-free number, contact form
Toll-free number, email
Social media
Facebook, Twitter
* #AD, 18+ T&C’s apply, click the button for details

The Brave Few New UK Bingo Sites

New UK bingo sitesMost regular online bingo players could name possibly three or four networks, and maybe don’t realise that there are several more than that. The number of networks in use is in double figures and is very much set to rise. Daring to stand apart and use a less known network is risky, but it does have a lot of appeal. A lot of players have been playing for many years now, and are getting tired of ‘the same old same old’. They are sitting with their fingers paused, waiting for something fresh, new and different. This is where smaller, less known networks are starting to make headway. Although the number of players is a lot less, meaning the jackpots are smaller, it does mean that the rooms are very different. And research shows that people now play bingo more for entertainment than financial reward. It’s seen as more of a flutter than serious gambling. With a smaller community in the chat rooms, feedback and reviews are showing that this creates more of a social atmosphere. Which for a lot of players is the only reason they play. The bravest are going back to stand alone software, and creating completely different sites with totally unique games on offer.

Enjoy Bingo on the Move with the Newest Bingo Sites

Mobile technology is one of the fastest advancing areas in the world of IT. Smart phones, tablets and other devices are constantly being upgraded and the drive for software to keep up is equally fast paced. New online bingo sites are coming online regularly, that are dedicated for mobile use. Gone are the days of slow loading and badly coded mobile versions. Today’s brand new bingo sites are rapid, active and responsive. The only thing that might stand in the way of an excellent gaming experience is the strength or reliability of your internet connection. It feels like every week there are new online bingo sites that play so well on mobile devises, that playing bingo on your desktop may well soon be superseded. This surge in mobile usage has meant that all the major players have developed apps, all of which are easily downloadable and free. While they may not be new sites they have injected a new urgency into the market, and the best new UK bingo sites are pedaling furiously to keep up.

Attractive and Enticing Start Up Bonuses and Loyalty Packages on New Bingo Sites

New bingos offer attractive bonusesOne very good reason to join brand new bingo sites is they quite often have great new member bonuses. And who in the world today doesn’t like to get something for nothing. In a very competitive market the scramble for new players has seen the welcome bonuses and loyalty packages become very attractive. Bigger and better with each passing day. This does however have a downside, for all those new ball players in the world of online bingo. It can mean that the only reason you might want to join new bingo sites in the UK is that you will get a great welcome, and who would blame you. The biggest challenge for the new site is then to keep you interested and keep you playing, so loyalty packages, random bonuses, and free games are the tools they use.

Guess You Really Can Have It All

With no-deposit bonuses now on the verge of extinction due to new taxes imposed, bingo sites are veering towards free tickets and free spins. No complaints here. Sing Bingo give new players special bingo and slot bonuses, plus free spins, while Mecca is hosting one week of free bingo, and Wink are offering vouchers for their Wink Shop. Add to cart, please.

Bingo site Welcome Bonus Claim More Promos Loyalty Programme Daily Jackpot
Wink Bingo
200% bingo bonus (max £100) + 1,000 Wink Rewards Play now
£50 bonus +

bonus in Wink’s shop; Wink’s Wheel

Wink Bingo VIP £3K Lotsa Loot
Sing Bingo
£40 + 30 free spins Play now
More bingo tickets on your 2nd deposit

on Choo Choo Ticket

Sing Loyalty Programme £600 cash jackpot every week
Bingo Besties
£129 bingo tickets + 29 free spins Play now
29 free spins

on Fluffy Favourites

Twelve-Tier Friends with Benefits Rewards Club £10,000 Sunday Blast
Mecca Bingo
£60 Welcome Bonus Play now
£30 Bingo Bonus + £20 Slots Bonus

+ £10 Club Voucher

Mecca VIP £70,000 1p Bargain Bingo
Bounce Bingo
200 bingo tickets + 25 free spins Play now
100 on Street Party + 100 on Kaching

+25 free spins

Bucky’s VIP Club £1500 Ae Club Big Bang Room
* #AD, T&C’s apply, click the button for details

Slots, Scratch-cards and other Side Games

Side games in an online bingo are important
Playing bingo is probably the reason you’ve gone online and joined a bingo site, but the side games like scratch cards and slots, may be the deciding factor in whether you stay or not. Keep in mind the largest payout for a UK bingo site was £5.9M on a side game of slots, and you’ll easily understand why new sites are using these profitable extras. So one tactic for new bingo sites to gain business is to make the side games very attractive. They may well use the same network as existing providers for the bingo, but they put their efforts into creating exciting side games.

Top 3 New Sites for the Last 3 Years

Launched in 2016, Ted Bingo recruited a loyal following of “agents”, scooping an award for Best New Site in the meantime. No biggie for the cool-looking 007-style host. The site broke the mould with a fresh design, variety of games, sliding jackpots, and a native app.
Blighty Bingo is our choice for 2017 because it was the only breath of fresh air after the legislative turmoil had settled. Powered by Dragonfish, it boasted an overtly British theme with customised bingo rooms and featured all the top-quality facilities we’ve come to associate with the network.
Dragonfish did it again in 2018 with many successful launches like Sundae Bingo that had nothing vanilla about it. The site satisfied players’ sweet tooth with juicy bonuses and delicious-looking games with mouth-watering payouts.

Ted Bingo
  • 90-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • Speed Bingo
  • Slots
  • Instant Games
iOS Native AppYes
Gambling Commission
Bingo Bonus
  • 90-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • Slots
  • Scratchcards
  • Instant Games
  • Casino games
Native AppNo
Gambling Commission
64 Tickets
& 10 Spins
  • 90-ball bingo
  • 75-ball bingo
  • Slots
  • Scratchcards
  • Instant Games
  • Casino games
Native AppNo
Gambling Commission
222 Tickets
& 22 Spins

Make Sure You’re Safe When Playing Online Bingo in the UK

Before you join a site check they are fully legal, there are a lot of rogue operators out there. There are also a few things you can do to keep safe whilst playing bingo online:

All in all the online bingo world is very healthy, and looks set to keep on growing for many more years to come.

Our aim is to provide you only the top online bingos out there

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