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Fun Reads - the Bingo Trivia Mash-Up

Stock up on all the fun trivia you’d need to ace a quiz on bingo without using a single lifeline. We give you the scoop on things past, present and future that have made this game Britain’s favourite pastime for decades, helping it transition and rise to online popularity. Check out fun facts from history, celebrity news, innovative art projects, charity events, and the latest trends that are changing and shaping the new face of bingo.

Fun and Reads
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samuel jackson went bongo bingo party

Samuel L. Jackson Spotted at Glasgow Bongo’s Bingo

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With its abundance of dramatic and beautiful landscapes, it is no surprise that Scotland has become a popular destination for the film industry. In recent years, various locations in Scotland have been used in several films, including action films, dramas, horror films and superhero thrillers. A side effect of this is the presence of celebrities…

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bingo health benefits

How Playing Bingo Boosts Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing

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Bingo is primarily about having fun. However, it also offers surprising benefits for mental, cognitive, and physical health. Research and studies have shown that regularly playing bingo can sharpen the mind, improve memory and help build social connections. It challenges players to remain attentive while enhancing cognitive abilities such as pattern recognition and decision-making skills….

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virtual bingo night

Enjoy Hassle-Free Virtual Bingo with These Five Top Tips

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A night out with friends playing bingo is undeniably a brilliant way to catch up and have fun, whether you go for the traditional bingo hall or the more modern bingo rave parties that have sprung up across the UK in recent years. However, whether it’s because of distance, time, family commitments, or anything else,…

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heavy metal themed bingo game

Win Headbanging Prizes with Heavy Metal Music Bingo

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When you think of bingo, you are unlikely to think of heavy metal as accompanying music. However, there is a crossover between the two and it has given rise to the game metal music bingo. In fact, there are two versions of the game, one that can be played at home and one that you…

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