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Fun and Games with a Recognised and Long Established Software Provider – Gamesys Bingo

Founded back in 2001, Gamesys has become one of the well established software providers for online bingo Their high quality bingo solutions means Gamesys bingo games are easy to recognise and have earnt the respect of many online bingo fans. There are other bingo software providers who power far more bingo operators, but Gamesys bingo sites are unique, entertaining and provide professional support for their customers.

Playing via a Gamesys bingo network means you get an opportunity to enjoy 75, 80, and 90-ball along with speed bingo rooms, along with a range of video and classic slots. What has led to the success of Gamesys bingo sites is that the software can be tailored to the style and needs of the bingo site. For many years bingo was more of an afterthought as it focused more on slots and casino style games. But more recently bingo has grabbed more of its attention, leading to Gamesys being one of the innovators in online bingo.

The features of Gamesys online bingo software

There are many features that make Gamesys bingo software one of the leaders of the pack:

When you play bingo online you may find yourself part of a network

When you find yourself playing bingo you might be surprised to know that you’re actually part of a bingo playing network. Most of the UK’s best known bingo sites are run on a network basis. Basically this mean that a networked site uses a shared pool of players across site using the same network.

Imagine this scenario: You sign up to play bingo with Site A, which is part of an online network along with Site B and Site C. When you start playing bingo at Site A you’re also joining players at the other two networked sites. Sign up for one of them and in effect you’re signing up for them all. You can open separate accounts with the 3 different sites but whichever one you choose to visit, the players are shared between the 3 sites.

What are the benefits of the Gamesys bingo network?

Both bingo operators and players can benefit from Gamesys bingo network. Operators are able to maintain a good level of liquidity. Being part of a network means that rather than 10 sites having just a few players, there are 10 sites that network, meaning 10x more players. Players benefit from this increase in numbers because it means they get to play for more money. It often happens that players in the chat room of the networked sites are shared between the pool as well. We’d like to point out that this doesn’t always apply as some sites offer a separate chat room.

As with most things there is a downside to playing bingo with a site that uses the network model. In the UK, there are currently around 300 online bingo sites. Of these, 290 are part of a network. This means they share the same bingo games and promotions. You might think that 300 online bingo sites is a fantastic amount of choice. However, the truth is that many of them are simply cookie cutter versions of a pretty bog-standard, which leaves the average bingo player feeling very disappointed.

Which bingo sites operate on the Gamesys platform?

There are a number of well-known online bingo names that run on Gamesys platform. Caesars Bingo, Heart Bingo, Virgin Games and Sun Bingo to name just a few. There are also a few more specialist sites such as Woman’s Own Bingo. Gamesys also run a Spanish and Swedish language site and of New Jersey’s legal online casinos.

The future of Gamesys

The first company to bring cash gaming to Facebook was Gamesys. Bingo and Slots Friendzy however, was not a great success and the app closed down in May 2014. Further Facebook apps have been launched since then including free to play versions of some of their most popular games. It seems that at present Gamesys are concentrating their efforts on social gaming, but we’re pretty sure that Gamesys bingo games won’t be falling by the wayside, anytime soon.

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