Fun Reads - the Bingo Trivia Mash-Up

Stock up on all the fun trivia you’d need to ace a quiz on bingo without using a single lifeline. We give you the scoop on things past, present and future that have made this game Britain’s favourite pastime for decades, helping it transition and rise to online popularity. Check out fun facts from history, celebrity news, innovative art projects, charity events, and the latest trends that are changing and shaping the new face of bingo.

Our Favourite Bingo Ads

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You can pretty much guarantee that whenever you switch on your TV in the UK today, you’ll see an advert for one of the many online bingo sites! In fact, some TV shows even have sponsorship from bingo sites! Adverts may not be everyone’s favourite form of entertainment, and some fail to hit the mark…

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Love-themed slots for Valentine's Day

Seven Romance Slots You Need to Try This February

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February is upon us again, and that means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re feeling the love in the air this year, what better way to express it than by trying your hand at one of the best romance slots out there? Software developers are always looking for different themes to…

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Traditional bingo calls

Bingo Calls – Will the Selfie Queens Push the Two Fat Ladies Aside?

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Bingo has undergone some pretty heavy changes over the years, and probably the most significant of these has been the swing towards playing online. This shift has attracted a whole new generation of players, who have, in turn, brought a more contemporary vibe to the style of the game. In keeping with modern-day lifestyles, the…

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Bingo players and superstitions

Do Any Bingo Superstitions Actually Work?

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Some bingo players are drawn to a certain number, or a series of lucky numbers, when they play, which is, perhaps, understandable. Other participants express preferences over the colour of the ticket, and this might also seem reasonable enough. However, for many players, these superstitious beliefs affect all aspects of their experience. In a bid…

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