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Enhanced Player Recommendations Coming to Buzz Bingo with Future Anthem’s AI

buzz bingo integrate ai from future anthem
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One of the UK’s largest bingo operators, has announced that it has furthered its partnership with Future Anthem and launched real-time personalisation across platforms of Buzz Bingo with integration of Amplifier AI provided by Future Anthem.

The new deal will allow Buzz Bingo to make use of the advanced personalisation features enabled by Future Anthem’s AI models with the aim of automating and enhancing players’ experiences.

Explaining the reasoning behind the move, David Swaine, Head of Product, Slots & Games at Buzz Bingo, said:

“Real-time personalisation is a game-changing innovation that will materially improve the way we interact with our players and help improve retention. We are thrilled to be working alongside Future Anthem – true leaders in the field when it comes to leveraging data using technology and AI.”

When it comes to choosing the right online bingo, we have always tried to keep you updated with new innovations in online bingo software.

Customised Game Recommendations

Using Future Anthem technology Buzz Bingo will be able to provide players with advanced recommendations in the game lobby based upon their preferences. The technology is also capable of differentiating between the different stages of the player lifecycle to boost engagement.

Buzz Bingo is also set to use Future Anthem’s real-time decision models to help it predict when a player will exit. The operator can then offer relevant bonuses or interact with the player in the best possible way to increase the likelihood of them remaining on the site.

Chris Conroy, Chief Data Officer of Future Anthem, explained:

“Integrating Amplifier AI into Buzz Bingo’s day-to-day operations not only emphasises the importance of real-time personalisation but shows that if operators are to succeed and grow in a hyper-competitive market, they must embrace AI and its ever-growing capabilities.”

Future Anthem’s Use of AI

Future Anthem’s technology is designed to provide players with a significantly better online gaming experience. The core of their product lies in personalising the player journey and optimising game performance through data-driven insights.

One of the primary features of Future Anthem’s AI technology is its ability to analyse vast amounts of player data. By understanding player behaviours, preferences, and gaming patterns, the AI can offer highly personalised recommendations. This tailoring of suggestions helps operators, such as Buzz Bingo, engage players more successfully by suggesting games that align with individual player interests.

In addition to personalisation, Future Anthem’s AI is also a help with player lifecycle management. It can predict various stages of a player’s engagement, from initial interest to disengagement. By identifying these stages, the AI helps operators intervene at the right moment, whether it’s to re-engage a player or to enhance the experience of a loyal one.

Future Anthem’s technology also plays an important part in responsible gambling. The Artificial Intelligence AI can detect patterns that may indicate problematic gaming behaviour. This allows operators to intervene, promote safer gaming practices, and hopefully avoid players from falling into difficulties.

Recommendations beyond Slots

Future Anthem’s technology is mainly used for recommending slot games to players. Those primarily interested in playing online bingo may find the technology less helpful. However, there is less variation in online bingo than in online slots, so once you identify what you enjoy, finding the right bingo sites and rooms is very straightforward.

For instance, we bring you a vast amount of information about the different types of bingo games that you will find at sites such as Buzz Bingo and what makes each unique. We also have detailed reviews to help you choose the right bingo site to play at. Spending just a few minutes reading is enough to educate yourself fully about the options you will have when playing online. While artificial intelligence is undeniably exciting and set to change the world in many ways, for now, trusting your instinct and spending a little time researching is most likely the best way forward.

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