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N-Trance to Feature at Bada Bingo Nights in Wallsend, Falkirk and Doncaster

n trance in bada bingo nights
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There was a time when the words “rave” and “bingo” would never be found in close proximity to one another. However, today, that has all changed. If you are a raving bingo player and you are based in Doncaster, Falkirk, or Wallsend, then you are in for a treat.

Bada Bingo is taking over the Buzz Bingo clubs in each city for a special night featuring the 90s dance music stars N-Trance. It promises to be a “crazy mix of bingo games, rave rounds, confetti showers, and CO2 cannons”. The Wallsend event is on Friday, 17th May; next is Falkirk on Friday, 31st May, and finally, Doncaster on Friday, 14th June.

There will be a DJ set from N-Trance on Bada Bingo night, complete with throwback hits and iconic prizes, mass singalongs and, of course, dance-offs.

A spokesman said:

“Attention ravers and misbehavers, Bada Bingo is taking over with dance legends N-Trance. Get ready for a night like no other – a crazy mix of bingo games, rave rounds and confetti showers. Escape to throwback hits and guilty pleasures, win iconic prizes, mass singalongs and dance offs – and then N-Trance will take to the stage for an iconic DJ set.”

If you are nowhere near one of the three venues, then for now, why not turn up the volume, stick on N-Trance and choose one of our recommended online bingo sites.

Who Are N-Trance?

N-Trance was formed in 1990 in Oldham, England. The group quickly became a major force in the 90s dance music scene and was known for their original blend of Eurodance, house and trance elements. The group shot to fame from relative obscurity, mainly thanks to their ability to produce tracks that were both club-ready and radio-friendly. Their music, which is recognisable by its catchy hooks and energetic beats, encapsulated the era’s rave culture and helped bring it into the mainstream.

The breakthrough for N-Trance came with their iconic track “Set You Free”. First released in 1994, it initially only enjoyed modest success, but a re-release in 1995 saw the song go to the top of the UK charts and become a favourite dance anthem. The song’s success has been attributed to its thumping basslines and the emotive vocals of Kelly Llorenna, which together created a sound that was both uplifting and haunting. The track quickly cemented N-Trance’s status in the dance music community.

If you haven’t heard it recently, you can replay the track in the video below:

Following “Set You Free”, N-Trance continued to produce chart hits. Tracks such as “Stayin’ Alive” a cover version of the Bee Gees classic, showed a true ability to transform well-known melodies into new dance floor hits. This approach not only appealed to a broad audience but also played an important role in maintaining N-Trance’s popularity.

What to Expect at a Bada Bingo Night

Bada Bingo nights are certainly not for the fainthearted. They are the very opposite of the stereotype of sedate, quiet evenings attended by pensioners.

In fact, the Bada Bingo states that it is “Bingo For The Huns” and “for those who want COCK-TALES over cocktails, Dildos over Daiquiris. Blow-up dolls, filthy rhymes, daft prizes and the best of times. Your halos dirty, ours is in the bin. Give us Ian Beale, Frey Bentos and gin.

On the site’s ‘About Us’ page, it goes on to state, “That night to remember when it’s all a blur. You’re dressed in designer, we’re in faux fur. Influencers, beware, we really don’t care. Your filters showing, and that’s so not your hair!”

A great thing about Bada Bingo nights out is that they are highly affordable. Tickets for the N-Trance nights cost just £13.20 and there are VIP tickets available for £26.40 that come with three drinks and fast-track entry.

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