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Bingo Night Ends in Surprise Birth at Blackpool’s Club 3000 Bingo

birth at the bingo 3000
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A young woman who went out for an evening at her local bingo club ended up hitting a very different kind of jackpot when the bingo player gave birth to a baby boy.

Tammy Hall quipped that she now has a ‘full house’ after she gave birth to her fourth child, Teddie, at the venue with the help of some fast-thinking members of staff. Speaking about her experience, she said:

“I thought I may win a prize and I certainly did, the biggest prize of all – a new healthy baby boy. Many people have said ‘You’ve got a full house now’ and ‘You hit the jackpot that night’ – and everyone calls him ‘Legs 11 Teddie.”

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Midwife Told Her to “Carry On”

On October 29, Tammy, who works as a waitress, felt some contractions, but her midwife told her to “carry on” as she wasn’t about to give birth. Therefore, she felt no qualms about joining her family at her local Club 3000 Bingo venue in Blackpool the next day.

However, around 9 pm, she started to feel sick and the venue quickly phoned an ambulance. They provided comfort as she had a number of strong contractions and just half an hour later, she gave birth to an 8lb 9oz baby boy in the back of an ambulance just outside the bingo hall’s doors.

Describing the experience, Tammy said:

“I started having contractions the night before I went to bingo, but when I contacted the hospital, they said as it was my fourth baby, it could go on for two or three days. So my mum said, ‘Let’s go to bingo,’ and it came on that fast that I didn’t expect it myself.’ The staff at Club 3000 Bingo in Blackpool were incredible and so calm and caring.”

Tammy has been enjoying nights out at the bingo for more than a decade, having first played with her grandma when she was eighteen. She’d been playing for about three hours on the night in question before she started to feel unwell. She said that she started to feel very intense contractions and realised that she was in labour.

“I’d gone outside with my sister to get some fresh air on the interval, and I had a contraction that just didn’t go. Everyone was playing bingo, and I’d gone into the bathroom. My niece came back, and she was asking if everything was ok. But because I was having this contraction, I couldn’t speak. I was like: ‘Just get me an ambulance or something’. Before I knew it, there were about 30 people standing around in the toilet, asking if I was ok.”

Baby Arrives in Back of Ambulance

Tammy said that the staff stayed with her while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. With the help of her mum and the paramedics, she managed to reach the back of the vehicle, where preparations began to take her to hospital.

However, Tammy said she knew that there was no time to lose and said to the paramedics, “No, I can feel something, I think his head is there”. The paramedic then cut off Tammy’s clothes to have a closer look and reportedly replied in shock, saying, “Oh my god, there’s a baby!” After baby Teddie was successfully delivered, the pair were quickly driven to the hospital, where they were both declared fit and healthy.

Tammy Eager to Return to Bingo

Tammy said that despite the dramatic experience, she is still eager to return to playing bingo and added that she has been back to introduce the staff to Teddie.

“I don’t think any words would come close to how much I appreciate every single one of them and their help. I’ll still continue to go to the bingo. Obviously, at the moment, it’s a bit hard, having a new baby, but I have been back a couple of times since to introduce him to everybody.”

The general manager at Club 3000 Bingo, Sean Connolly, said that he was pleased that all was well and called it a “night to remember”. He went on to thank the team for doing such a great job and said that they are eager to welcome Tammy back to celebrate.

Club 3000 Bingo – More than a Maternity Ward

Giving birth at a bingo hall may well become a popular alternative to home births, but it has far more to offer. Future parents should also be aware that home births have pros and cons. It offers high-quality land and online bingo, with games taking place around the clock and huge prizes up for grabs. However, what you can always expect are moments pregnant with excitement as the balls are drawn and the winners announced.

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