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Summer Bingo Garage Parties from UKG Bingo

Summer Bingo Garage Parties from UKG Bingo
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UKG Bingo has a packed summer schedule of events planned right across the nation and also in Ibiza, ensuring everyone can get in on the action.

If you are unfamiliar with UKG Bingo, you should know that the ‘G’ in the name stands for Garage, as in the music. These events are loud and not for those seeking a quiet, relaxing evening.

The events are infused with the beats of UK Garage music to combine the fun of bingo with the energy of a Garage party. The result is a crazy celebration like no other. They encourage players to dress in their best Moschino shirts and showcase their bling as they take a trip back to when Garage was at its most popular. There are Masters of Ceremonies guiding attendees through high-energy bingo rounds, wild games, and outrageous challenges such as Lim-BO-SELECTA and Birthday Bubbles, along with many more surprises throughout the night.

Together with the games, resident DJs play the biggest and best anthems from the legends of Garage music. With a variety of exciting prizes to be won, a little bit of luck might see someone crowned the King or Queen of UKG Bingo. See for yourself what to expect from the events from the video below:

UKG Bingo Summer Event Schedule

Check out the full list of UKG Bingo events below!

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