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The Best Free Social Bingo Games That Facebook Has to Offer

facebook bingo games
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Free bingo games have been available on Facebook for more than a decade and they are hugely popular. Millions of people enjoy them and if you are a bingo fan, then the chances are that you will, too.

Facebook Bingo vs Regular Bingo

If you have ever played on online bingo sites, then the games will look very familiar. There are real money Facebook games, but most of them are social games, so be sure to watch out for this. The majority of games are 75-ball bingo played with 5×5 cards. The cards are purchased with credits and the games are very simple.

When playing a regular bingo game, you can usually purchase a large number of tickets. Social bingo games tend to limit it to four tickets per person.

It is no surprise that bingo games on the world’s largest social network are highly social. There is a fantastic community and the players are often truly friendly. Furthermore, many of the games allow you to join a team in multiplayer games.

However, you will find that Facebook bingo games tend to come with a number of extras. The games normally offer some form of progression. For instance, players may earn credits by playing, win prizes, and advance through different levels, which unlocks new bingo rooms and bigger prizes.

Challenges are often incorporated into the games, giving players the chance to collect points, trophies, treasure chests, and more. However, be aware that many of the games do require some form of in-app purchase.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Facebook bingo games.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is a free-to-play game available on both desktop and mobile. It is the most popular free bingo game on Facebook and went live in 2010. Within a year, more than one million people were playing each month.

The game takes players on a journey around the world and they will collect a variety of exotic items as they play. It has an incredible community of players and plenty of fun features to ensure that there is never a dull moment. It’s not for nothing that it has become the most popular bingo game in the world.

Bingo Bash

More than 5 million people have liked Bingo Bash on Facebook after being impressed by its combination of classic and special bingo games. It also gives you the chance to enjoy a number of mini-games and power players, which adds excitement and makes the experience truly rewarding.

While playing, you will visit a number of world-famous locations and have the chance to play titles such as Wheel of Fortune Bingo, Monopoly Bash Bingo, and Deal or No Deal Bingo. It is possible to purchase up to four 5×5 cards for each game and there can be up to 100 players in a bingo room.

There are bonuses to be won, such as instant bingo, gems and more, and the lively community ensures that there is a truly friendly atmosphere at all times.

Bingo Pop

The well-known game creator Jam City developed Bingo Pop. It gives players the chance to play through more than 100 levels and 15 bingo rooms in pursuit of great rewards. While it doesn’t offer real money prizes, the leaderboard competitions are hugely enjoyable, as are the speed bingo games and live bingo games.

The game has attracted more than 10 million players. It uses a credit system based upon cherries, which is very easy to understand once it has been seen. If you’re looking to acquire more cherries, there are ways to do so. Players are charged with defending city monuments from attack by playing live bingo and earning points, which are then used to build up the city. However, bingo is the standard game and is very well presented.

An Incredible Collection of Games

These are just three of the many incredible Facebook bingo games available. The collection covers a huge range of themes and styles; it contains something for every bingo fan. If you are looking for a huge, social online community of bingo players, then it seems as if Facebook has all the answers.

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