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Spot the Bingo Calls In Gala Bingo’s New Ad to Win Huge Cash Prizes

gala bingo ad promo

Earlier this year, Gala Bingo launched an advert that had five classic bingo calls hidden within it. Now, the popular bingo operator has taken things to an entirely new level with a brand new television advert that has all 90 bingo calls woven into it. More excitingly, if you can spot all of them, then you are in with the chance of winning a share of £50,000 while playing online bingo.

The Gala Bingo advert reportedly took many months to produce, combining careful script writing, clever set design and meticulous choreography to ensure that each call was present and detectable. It consists of a number of set pieces, each of which was filmed using a super high-speed camera mounted on an electric bike, which then rode through the action at 30mph.

Gala Bingo has now launched a three-minute version of the advert, known as “All the Calls”. It plays in slow motion so that viewers can absorb every moment and attempt to find each and every call hidden within it.

How the Advert Was Conceived and Developed

The film was developed through the combined efforts of Noah Harris of Agile and Tom Dixon of Neverland, which are the Gold winner of Campain Agency of the Year Awards 2021 category. They began with a complete list of all the bingo calls traditionally used in 90-ball bingo, including a number of variants, and then chose a call for each number that they could incorporate into a story.

The team at Agile then scouted a location where their concept could be brought to life and began work on realising the set, props, casting, and so on, which were needed for such a detailed and ambitious project.

Once all was in place and had been rehearsed to perfection, a high-speed camera capable of filming at 500 to 1000 frames per second was attached to an electric bike. The bike journeyed through the set as the Director of Photography controlled the camera remotely.

Once the filming was complete, the footage was edited into the resulting ad, which speeds up, slows down, and features super slow motion. It also utilises a slowed-down version of Todd Rundgren’s “I Saw the Light”, which also features in Gala Bingo’s other adverts. This was made possible thanks to the work of Factory Studios, which harnessed the power of AI to play the song six times slower without distorting the sound.

Immense Satisfaction with Results

It seems that everyone involved in the production is truly pleased with the results. For instance, Sara Jolly, the head of brand Gala Bingo and Foxy Bingo, said:

“Despite being on the shoot, and working through all the plans and schematics, this film still astonishes me! I hope bingo fans have as much fun finding all the calls as we did hiding them.”

With a touch of humour, Tom Dixon, senior creative at Neverland, added, “Turns out putting 90 bingo calls in a 30” advert is a logistical nightmare. I’m very sorry to all our production partners.” However, it is clear a great deal of fun was had to create the Gala Bingo advert, as can be seen from the comments of Director Noah Harris:

“This was an idea Tom and I had talked about a few times when working on previous projects.. and it seemed like a foolish undertaking… when the time came to make it, it turned out it was : ) We undertook an intense creative process coming up with all the ideas within the film which was all of the following – fun / exasperating / joyous / tiring / silly / migraine inducing / never to be repeated / argumentative / FUN again. The shoot itself was great… who wouldn’t want to put a phantom on an electric motorbike and hammer it down a busy street chasing some errant fowl?”

Promotion to Run for a Month

The “All the Calls” promotion has now begun and will be running until 5 December 2023. At the end of the promotional period, Gala Bingo will reveal where all 90 of the bingo calls were hidden with a new version of the advert.

To enter the competition, simply visit the Gala Bingo website and navigate to the promotion page. In total, there will be 7,200 winners from the first round or prize draws sharing £30,000 of prize money and then there will be a final draw for the top prize of £20,000. It is a truly unique competition and promises to be a lot of fun, so why not head over to Gala Bingo, enjoy some online bingo, and see if you can spot all the bingo calls.

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