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A Full House of Love as 76 Year Olds Fall in Love Playing Bingo

76 Year Olds Fall in Love Playing Bingo
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Bingo halls are not the most likely places to encounter romance, but given their social nature, it is not unheard of either. For proof we remember a couple winning 1 million Jackpot on their bingo wedding. For more recent events you need to look no further than a Yorkshire couple in their 70s who recently got engaged during a game of bingo.

Dennis Buck and Jenny Grimmer, both 76 years old, first came across each other at the weekly bingo games run by Age UK in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, just before Christmas last year. Soon they went out for dinner and just a few months later, Dennis purchased a ring before getting down on one knee to propose.

Couple Madly in Love

Dennis explained that the stars seemed to align for the two who soon felt that they had a full house of love:

“Everything was in the right place, and we just fell in love… We love each other madly. I got on my knees and proposed to her. I got down and said ‘Will you accept this ring for our engagement?’ She said ‘Yes’. I proposed to her at Age UK as we both love playing bingo and we go every Monday.”

According to Dennis, who before retiring served with the Royal Engineers and worked in the mining industry, he quickly found himself falling for Jenny’s smile and looks. Dennis has been married twice before while Jenny is a great-grandmother to three children.

“I go to Age UK in the top town, and we met there just before Christmas. We got on well. I asked her if she wanted to go for a meal and we went from there… Her looks, her smile, everything – everything was in the right place, and we just fell in love.”

Dennis explained that he asked Jenny if she would like to get engaged just a few months after they first met and that he was thrilled when she accepted.

He then proposed on February 19 during a bingo session at the venue where they first met. He said that he bought the ring in the local shopping precinct but then had to wait a couple of weeks for its size to be adjusted before he was able to propose.

Jenny Fell for Dennis’s Smile

Jenny, who used to work in a shop, said that it was Dennis’s lovely smile that caused her to fall in love with him. She explained that she feels it’s a shame that they had not met earlier in life as they grew up in South Yorkshire in towns separated by just a few miles.

“My first impression of Dennis was that he was very nice, I think I fell for his smile over bingo. I thought, ‘That’s a nice smile he’s got’. I’m originally from Rotherham and Dennis is originally from Doncaster, only about 14 miles away, so I was wishing we’d met when we were in our twenties. When he proposed I was surprised, more than anything. I love everything about him.”

The couple are yet to pick a date and they said that they are taking things one step at a time. Dennis said that they will wait a bit as while they are no longer young, they still have plenty of time. In the meantime, the couple are clearly basking in their newfound love and happiness.

More Opportunities for Bingo Romance

Over the years, there have been a number of stories of couples falling in love having met at the bingo hall and there are sure to be more. In fact, even online bingo players could find love as many top online bingo sites have love themed rooms with an ever-present romantic atmosphere.

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