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Newlyweds Win $1 Million Jackpot Day after the Ceremony

couple hit 1 million from scratch card

The first days of a marriage are usually full of joy and excitement, but one newlywed couple from Michigan is sure to be feeling over the moon after winning a $1 million jackpot by scratch cards just one day after the wedding.

According to Michigan lottery officials, the husband, who is a 57 year old from Livingston County, bought a Diamond & Pearls scratch card at an E-Z Mart in Prudenville. He has chosen to remain anonymous, but he said that he gave the card to his new wife and asked her to scratch it for him.

She revealed a circle symbol, meaning that they had hit the jackpot. He told lottery officials:

“When she revealed the $1-million prize amount, we were in disbelief. We kept reading the instructions over and over again to make sure we really won. It was an exciting couple of days for us.”

The man has chosen to receive the winnings as a one-time lump sum payment of $693,000 rather than in annuity payments. Rather than spending the money, they intend to invest in but have not yet decided on what.

Playing on the top online bingo sites is a real thrill, but if you prefer the traditional way, consider trying the Diamonds & Pearls lottery game. It has already been won from the game. The scratch cards cost $10 each and offer prizes ranging from $10 up to $1 million. There is still more than $37 million in prize money up for grabs, including two more $1 million prizes and eighteen $2,000 prizes.

Even More Lucky Winners in Michigan

It has been a good month for lottery players in Michigan. Last week, a 32-year-old man was on the way home from work when he received an email from the Michigan Lottery telling that he had won a prize.

The man reportedly assumed it must have been quite a substantial win; however, rather than immediately checking, he said, “I went home, ate dinner, relaxed for a bit, and then finally logged in to my account to see how much I’d won.”

He discovered that he had luckily won a jackpot prize of $400,017 Fantasy 5, having matched the winning numbers from the draw on October 16. He told lottery officials:

“When I saw $400,017 pending, I was so happy! This prize couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Huge Scratch Card Prizes Available in the UK

It is not only in the US where you can play and win huge prizes from scratch cards. There are plenty of chances to win big in the UK, thanks to the National Lottery’s scratch cards.

At present, the £100,000 A Month For a Year card has four top prizes remaining, each worth a total of £1.2 million. Similarly, the 12 Pays of Christmas game has three prizes of £1.2 million remaining.

You can win even more from the £2 Million Black card, with three top prizes of £2 million waiting to be won.

Both the 3 In 1 and the Bank The Cash games have £1 million prizes remaining, as does Dice Towers. The Merry Millionaire game is offering two prizes of £1 million and the Millionaire 777 game has a £2 million jackpot still up for grabs.

There are many more lottery scratch games with top prizes ranging from £100 up to £500,000 and none of the games cost more than £5 to play.

Even More Scratch Cards Online

If you want to play scratch cards without the hassle of going to the shops, then head to your favourite online bingo site. For instance, Mecca Bingo has several online scratch cards, such as the Deal Or No Deal What’s in Your Box game and The Golden Grand game, both of which offer a top prize of £250,000.

In short, there are plenty of opportunities to win and everyone has an equal chance, so don’t feel you have to arrange a wedding before starting to play.

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