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Boogie Bingo Night Raises £1,300 for Cancer Support Group

breast friends bingo charity event
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In another example of how bingo can be used to make the world a better place, breast cancer support Boogie Bingo raised more than £1,300 by running a bingo night in Colchester.

The charity Breast Friends held the event on the top floor of Three Wise Monkeys, a pub on the Colchester High Street. Organised by Kelly Clark and others from the Breast Friends community, it was the charity’s first Boogie Bingo evening, and the event was sold out, with roughly 70 people coming along to play.

We recently discussed the benefits of bingo fundraising, so it’s not surprising that people with such a worthy cause organised a charity bingo event.

Dancing and Disco Ball Helmets

There was plenty of opportunity for dancing throughout the Boogie Bingo event, with musical interludes and songs accompanying specific number calls. For example, when the bingo caller Dave Garlick called the number 22, a clip of Taylor Swift’s single of the same name was played by DJ Chris Russell.

Throughout the event, there were dancers on stage wearing disco ball helmets performing to each track and encouraging the crowd to join in with the fun.

Caroline Sturman, who co-founded Breast Friends together with Janine Aldis, said that she was “beyond thrilled” with how successful the evening was.

“Boogie Bingo was an absolute hit and so much more than just a fun night out. It really showcased what Breast Friends is all about – people pulling together, having a great time, and supporting each other in big ways. Huge thanks to Kelly for organising the evening and whose journey with us, from receiving support to being a key part of our team, really embodies what we’re all about.”

Supporting Those with Cancer

Sturman explained how the money raised through ticket sales and a raffle will now go towards helping those diagnosed with breast cancer.

“These generous funds will help us continue to offer our surgery and menopause kits along with the virtual peer support hubs and community-based events which provide a vital space for people affected by breast cancer to connect, chat and share experiences. So much more than just services, these really are lifelines for those navigating the challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. Events like Boogie Bingo are so important, not just for the incredible funds they raise, but for raising awareness about the essential peer support network Breast Friends offers, ensuring those that need us know we exist.”

On its website, Breast Friends describes itself as being like “a big, friendly group hug for anyone affected by breast cancer”. It offers support through private online groups and virtual meet-ups, where people have a space to share, chat and connect with other cancer patients. Furthermore, they hold regular real-world meet-ups, including wellness walks, art workshops, coffee sessions and so on.

The Friends behind Breast Friends

As mentioned, Breast Friends was founded by Caroline Sturman and Janine Aldis. Sturman was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her 40th birthday in 2017. The following year, she underwent a mastectomy and then had years of treatments, and she has explained that as a mother with young children, there were many times when she would have appreciated the chance to talk to other women that were going through a similar experience.

Aldis was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and she too felt that it would have been beneficial to be able to connect with other women.

Following the success of the breast cancer support Boogie Bingo evening, the charity is sure to organise similar events in the future. Over the coming weeks, they are raising money through the Felixstowe Fun Run, holding a Pack & Chat event in Ipswich, a Stride & Dine event in Stowmarket, and more.

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