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Apology Issued for Glasgow Payment Failure by Mecca Bingo

mecca bingo glasgow payment failure
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Towards the end of March, the nation’s leading bingo operator, Mecca Bingo apologised for failing to pay some of its employees in Glasgow.

Staff were furious and reached out to the press when they realised that they had not been paid by the bingo operator. They told the Glasgow Times that they were left feeling “unhappy and anxious” as they were not given any clarity regarding when the money would arrive.

Payment Failure Due to Error

In response, Mecca Bingo said that the delay in salary payment was due to an “error” and that they were treating the issue “really seriously”. This operator is one of the leading online bingos and bingo venues in the UK; you can check the Mecca Bingo review on our site.

Speaking to the press, one of the affected employees said:

“I haven’t been paid on time, which is really worrying, I am on minimum wage so I don’t exactly have spare cash sitting around. It just isn’t good enough so we all feel really frustrated, things are very tight right now we cannot afford to go days without our wages. I am extremely worried about when this will be cleared up and we will see the money, how are we meant to trust our employers now. We haven’t even been given a clear date on when we will actually be paid. It is the bottom level workers who are hit hardest by this, we are really unhappy and anxious.”

In response, a spokesperson for Mecca Bingo said:

“We’ve experienced an error with our payroll system today, which has unfortunately led to delayed payments for some of our teams. We take this really seriously – we’ve apologised to anyone affected and we totally understand how important it is to resolve this quickly. As soon as we realised there was an error, we investigated it urgently and will now ensure all outstanding payments are processed as soon as possible over the coming days. We’ve also taken steps to support any of our team members who are financially impacted by the delay and have put measures in place to avoid this happening again.”

Pay above the UK Average

Data available online suggests that the average salary for a team member at Mecca Bingo is £10.56 per hour, which is 12% above the national average. The average is slightly lower for a kitchen team member, £9.91 per hour, while a cook, on average, earns £10.02 per hour. However, as in the case of the employee quoted above, some staff clearly earn less. An assistant manager is said to earn £31,000 per year, while a team leader earns an average of £23,970.

A recent job advert for a team member at Mecca Bingo in Glasgow advertised the following benefits:

The advert went on to say that team members work in various areas of the club. They may be calling bingo, greeting players, selling bingo books, handing out change or prizes, serving at the bar, working in the kitchen, and so on. As such, the advert said that “flexibility is a must and willingness to try new things”.

A Mistake Unlikely to Be Repeated

Mecca Bingo is run by the Rank Group, a highly respected organisation. While the employees in Glasgow may have felt that they were more likely to receive money playing online bingo than from their employer, in all likelihood, this was an honest and one-off mistake and one that is highly unlikely to be repeated.

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