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The Best Cruises You Can Find for Playing Bingo

best cruises for bingo
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With spring firmly upon us, it means that another season isn’t far away. Arguably, many people’s favourite and one that they circle in their calendar every year. That’s right, cruise ship season!

By the middle of May, this will be in full flow, though, guess what?! If you love your bingo just as much, you do not need to worry! You do not have to sacrifice this for your holiday because now, you can combine the best of both worlds with cruise ship bingo.

That’s correct, you read that right! Now, there are numerous cruise options available where they have bingo on ship board. Some even have multiple games every day and into the evening, so you could play a game and take a break on the deck, sipping a cocktail and watching the sunset over the ocean – the gentle ripple of waves lapping against the bow of the ship for company.

You surely must be tempted by now, so with that in mind, it got us thinking about some of the best cruises where you can combine your passion for bingo so keep reading to find out which ones made our shortlist and why!

If you got seasick on a cruise ship, you could try playing at recommended online bingo sites from our list.

Princess Cruises

Definitely one of the most reputable cruise ship companies around, Princess Cruises are renowned for traveling to all seven continents, which means there are multiple options available for your holiday.

As far as bingo goes, players can look forward to a comprehensive experience which is professional and friendly. All players get a tablet for their game, which makes it easier and highlights Princess’s dedication to offering best-in-class service.

The bingo callers are highly trained and, in many cases, cut their teeth in some of the most reputable companies.

It is easy to feel at home in the bingo room; the natural light, combined with neutral decor, helps to provide a relaxed atmosphere, while it is also definitely spacious enough to seem too big.

Royal Caribbean

For those wanting to enjoy arguably one of the most breathtaking seas in the world, the Royal Caribbean will certainly provide you with an experience that you are unlikely to ever forget. And guess what? If you are into bingo, that is even better news.

The bingo facilities on a Royal Caribbean cruise are, perhaps, like nothing that you have ever experienced before. You essentially have an almost tailored experience and there is a great deal of emphasis on providing guests with the best of the best. A range of jackpots start typically in their thousands, with tickets being reasonably priced.

With multiple games per day taking place in stunning facilities, with customisable temperature regulation in addition to highly trained bingo callers, this essentially epitomises bingo professionalism of the most supreme quality. However, games also take place in a very relaxed atmosphere, in keeping with the overall mood of the cruise ship itself.


Perhaps one of the more exclusively niche cruise ship companies and founded in 1840, it still very much retains this boutique feel. Cunard offers guests an elite experience on board and travels to multiple locations.

It prides itself on offering guests the ultimate in entertainment and as a result of this, it also includes bingo. With just three cruise ships in its fleet, there really is an element of exclusivity here, so if you are lucky enough to say you have played bingo on board a Cunard cruise, you really are among bingo royalty!

Jackpots are particularly stunning, though they are reflected in the substantial cost for a card, which can be as much as $30 for one. As you might expect, the surroundings of the bingo room are plush yet airy and comfortable, however, there are fewer daily games compared to other cruise companies.

Virgin Voyages

Like virtually everything that businessman Richard Branson has built, Virgin Voyages has become a leading light on the high seas over the years. With the Virgin brand priding itself on absolute quality, it should come as no surprise that this has been applied with the same consistency here with Virgin Voyages.

With multiple locations available all around the world, including the highly sought-after Caribbean, Virgin Voyages also has great news for bingo players, with supreme options available.

As might be expected, the bingo experience encompasses the overall theme of professionalism and guests will find numerous games available throughout the day, with tickets varying in price.

If you are looking for a bingo cruise ship experience that you know is going to be good, then look no further than Virgin Voyages, with the Virgin brand preceding itself.

Silversea Cruises

The Silversea Cruise bingo experience promises some gold-crusted quality with a fun, light, yet professional vibe on offer.

While there are perhaps not as many daily bingo games as on other cruises, due to the fact that many different forms of entertainment are offered, you can still be sure of getting good value from it, with it being possible to win sizable jackpots.

You can also benefit from a wide range of locations to really make the most of your holiday, while some of the locations also have on-shore bingo facilities for you to enjoy as well!

Oceania Cruises

Based in Miami, Florida, Oceania Cruises gives you the opportunity to enjoy, perhaps more of an intimate cruise ship experience due to their vessels being smaller than others at different companies.

However, that also means the bingo that is offered has less participants, though this does not necessarily affect the size of the jackpots, with these rolling over from day to day, so these can grow to a considerable size.

Cruising mainly around the Caribbean with Bermuda often on the itinerary, these cruises take in some of the best locations, while you can be sure of top-quality hospitality.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Another company that is based in Miami, you can be sure of extreme excellence while traveling on board one of their vessels, in addition to a unique bingo experience that offers both 75-ball and 90-ball bingo.

As a result of this, there is often a lot of anticipation among bingo players on board a Royal Seven Seas cruise because it gives them more variety, with a range of different jackpots being made available.

The vast majority of their vessels are also mid-sized, which means that you can enjoy a relaxing vibe and the fact that this has predominantly a ‘couples only’ policy this makes it even more pleasurable as you float around the Caribbean Sea.

Costa Cruises

An Italian cruise ship company, Costa Cruises, is particularly niche, though it often has great offers on deals, so it could certainly be worth checking out. A member of the Carnival Cruise ship company, the same excellence is certainly consistent across the board.

Bingo is definitely popular on board and has numerous games each day, though jackpots are generally a lot smaller than on other cruise ships (hundreds instead of thousands). However, this does not take away from the overall experience and, as a result, guests will come back on a daily basis.

Mainly operating in the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Cruises has steadily built its reputation over the years and has become known for the level of quality entertainment that it offers, including bingo.

Is a Cruise Ship That Offers Bingo Worth It?

If you are a big bingo fan but also enjoy adventure, then a cruise ship is definitely one of the best ways to combine both the game and your passion for travel. Even as you are playing a game of bingo on board, within the duration of the game, you could well be en route to another stunning location that you haven’t been to before!

The great news is that there are now more possibilities than ever before for cruise ships offering bingo and these all differ in terms of the type of experience that you get.

From big to small, luxurious to pleasurable simplicity, there really is something for everyone, regardless of where you set sail from and your planned travel itinerary. However, one thing that is consistent across the board is the level of expertise and training that the staff have, which is really important for all players. As a result, look no further than a cruise ship to enjoy the game of bingo!

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