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Spingo Spinning Classes Launched by Famous Mecca Bingo

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You may not associate a trip to the bingo club with staying fit and healthy, but now Mecca Bingo has set about changing all that. The nationwide operator has announced that it is launching Mecca Spingo, which brings together the health benefits of spinning and the adrenaline-fuelled fun of bingo.

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Bingo Callers Become Spinning Instructors

Mecca Spingo will see bingo callers put on their exercise clothes and transform into spin class instructors to lead from the saddle of a stationary bike. While players work away, pedalling to upbeat music, they will also have the chance to enjoy a game of bingo.

Mecca developed the idea following a survey it conducted that found that 43% of the UK has made fitness one of their resolutions for the year. Furthermore, 22% of respondents said that they would be more likely to remain motivated if “exciting” workout concepts were available. This inspired Mecca to develop Spingo idea.

The survey also found that 65% of UK residents have made New Year resolutions related to fitness in the past, but that 25% of them had given up by January 10th and 36% had given up by the middle of January. Furthermore, 27% said that they do not exercise, 31% said that gyms are too busy and 11% said that they have been dreading the idea of trying to improve their fitness in January.

Huge Interest in Mecca Spingo

It seems that Mecca Bingo could truly be onto something. Almost half of respondents to the survey (49%) said that the idea of a Spingo class interests them.

Speaking about the idea, Sarah O’Neill, head of innovation for Mecca Bingo, said:

“Pace, adrenaline pumping competition and joy – the worlds of bingo and spin classes have a lot more in common than people may think. That’s why we’re excited about shaking up expected and mundane exercise routines and breathing fresh life into New Year workouts with the development of our Spingo concept! Whether participants are joining for a chance to hit the jackpot prize or an endorphin high, we’re confident Spingo will hit the mark.”

Even More Bingo Health Benefits

If the idea of a spinning class doesn’t appeal, the good news is that there are even more health benefits associated with playing bingo.

Primarily, bingo is an excellent exercise for the brain. It requires and can enhance a variety of cognitive skills, including concentration, memory and pattern recognition. Players must stay alert to quickly identify and mark numbers on their cards. This level of attentiveness and quick thinking helps to keep the mind active and agile, and there is a chance that it may delay the onset of cognitive decline, especially in older adults.

In addition to cognitive benefits, bingo offers numerous social advantages. It is inherently a communal game, often played in groups, fostering a sense of community and belonging among players. This social interaction is crucial for mental health, as it combats feelings of loneliness and isolation. For many, a night at the bingo is a much-looked-forward-to social event that greatly contributes to overall happiness and quality of life.

There is even some evidence that the excitement and anticipation of a big win may positively affect mental health. The thrill of being close to winning, the stimulation from the game, and the overall enjoyment can lead to the release of endorphins. These endorphins can create a sense of euphoria and an overall feeling of well-being.

Pedal Your Way to a Full House Prize

If you’ve promised yourself that you will improve your fitness this year, then Mecca Spingo classes sound like the perfect solution. However, even if you simply log in to your favourite online bingo site for a few games, many of the above health benefits, such as mental stimulation and the release of endorphins, still apply, so you can enjoy your favourite game while giving your overall health a boost.

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