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Bongo’s Bingo Gears Up for Unforgettable Eurovision Party

Bongo Bingo special Eurovision party

The city of Liverpool is busy gearing up to host The European Song Contest this year. The final will be taking place on Saturday, May 13 2023 and there are a huge number of events taking place in the build up to the biggest music event of the year.

While bingo and Eurovision may seem an unlikely pairing, Bongo’s Bingo is hosting a special Eurovision night on Friday, May 12, at CONTENT, one of the city’s hottest venues. It is set to be a night to remember with classic games of Bongo’s Bingo, plenty of cheesy music, which is simply a must at Eurovision, and incredibly, two Eurovision winners will be performing.

Bongo’s Bingo party

The Fizz, formerly known as Bucks Fizz, will be performing and following them will be Katrina from Katrina and the Waves.

Those lucky enough to have secured tickets to the event will be able to party the night away with bingo games, singalongs, dance offs, and plenty of prizes to be won. The tickets were an absolute bargain at just £22, but unfortunately, they have all sold out.

Introducing Bongo’s Bingo

All too often bingo is dismissed as a sedate game played by pensioners. This is not the case at Bongo’s Bingo, where the worlds of bingo and raves collide. The event offers a mix of traditional bingo with dance intervals, amazing lighting, drinks and non-stop energy.

The concept was created in 2015 by a couple of friends, Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke. It started as a trial night out in Liverpool and has since become a global phenomenon. In addition to regular nights across the UK, Bongo’s Bingo can be found in numerous European Cities, Australia, and even Dubai. However, they have remained true to their roots and they still host a weekly residency at CONTENT, where the Eurovision party is taking place.

It is difficult to describe just how insane and fun a Bongo’s Bingo night is. Not only are visitors treated to truly energetic bingo hosts, but there are also more than 20 resident dancers, all of whom are men in dresses. It is like going to a club night packed full of cheesy music and the chance to leave with bingo prizes. If you are struggling to picture the scene, then watch the video below; we promise you have never seen a bingo game like it.

Prizes at Bongo’s Bingo

You never know what you might win at a Bongo’s Bingo event, as they love to surprise players with unusual prizes. Usually, the prizes start off small and silly, for example boxes of cereal. However, they soon progress to things like stuffed animals and pink fluffy unicorns regularly make an appearance.

Sometimes, the prizes are absolutely incredible. In the past, Bongo’s Bingo has given away a sailboat, a Porsche, and a Caribbean holiday!

During a regular game, if two people call ‘Bingo’ at the same time, then they are pulled into a dance-off with the crowd’s favourite dancer taking home the prize, and with cash prizes of £1000 up for grabs, it can become truly competitive. In the past, other prizes won have included cases of Lambrini, bottles of Glen’s Vodka, and Henry Hoovers. In other words, you never know what will be up for grabs.

Bongo’s Bingo Tickets

As mentioned, tickets for the Eurovision party were £22. This is a little more expensive than usual, but tickets are normally in the region of £20. However, there are regular student events where tickets cost just £9. While it may cost a bit more than a trip to a traditional bingo hall, it is an experience that you will never forget.

More Eurovision Events in Liverpool

Eurovision song contest Event

If you’re planning to visit Liverpool to soak up the Eurovision atmosphere, there is plenty more to enjoy. A huge cultural festival is planned including artists, creatives, musicians, performers and more. The festival is designed to celebrate Liverpool, Eurovision, and Ukraine, where the contest would be taking place were it not for the war.

Amazingly, there are even more Eurovision bingo events taking place. Friday 5 May will see a Eurovision Specials Bingo Lingo event at the Camp and Furnace. Bingo Lingo claims to re-invent the traditional game and make it into a “unique, crowd-roaring, interactive night of non-stop madness”. It is advertised as being for “warehouse ravers, festival goers & corporate parties”. Furthermore, tickets for the event start at just £11.25.

Of course, if this all sounds a bit loud, overwhelming, and contrary to your idea of bingo, you could just enjoy a quiet game of online bingo. While it may be a full house at Bongo’s Bingo, with a bit of luck, you could be celebrating an entirely different type of full house and some big winnings to go with it.

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