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Royally Shocking Stories from the Local Bingo Hall

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Even if you go to the biggest, noisiest, craziest bingo rave around, you still roughly know what to expect. The night is sure to be hugely enjoyable, but aside from maybe an unexpected big win, there are unlikely to be any great surprises. However, occasionally, something truly remarkable can happen and here you can read some truly jaw-dropping bingo hall stories.

A Very Royal Surprise

The pandemic was a difficult time for all and bingo clubs were closed for a distressingly long time. However, residents of the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff had the surprise of a lifetime when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (as they were then) appeared as virtual online bingo callers.

The royal couple hosted a full bingo game and also spent some time talking to the workers at the home. Furthermore, it seems as if they took their duties seriously and had researched proper bingo lingo using terms, such as “ticket-boo” and “two little ducks”.

William kicked things off by announcing that his wife would pick the first ball, with Kate then saying, “So, the first number is five and eight, 58.” Things continued until resident Joan Drew-Smith called the house.

She then managed to reduce the royal couple to giggles when asked by William, “How did we do at bingo?” to which she responded, “Very good… wasn’t as good as it should have been”.

William agreed that the two have room for improvement and ended with, “We’ll say a big thank you and goodbye to everybody. We’ll try and do a bit better at bingo next time.”

If you’re curious, you can watch the royal bingo callers in the video below.

Thieving Bingo Cashiers

In general, the bingo community are kind, honest people who truly look out for one another. That is what makes this next bingo related story so shocking.

Two bingo cashiers from the Pavilion Bingo Club in Liverpool stole more than £183,000 from the venue before being caught while on holiday together. Jorun Chang and Jeanette Warrilow managed to keep the scam going for more than four years before being caught.

The manager became suspicious upon noticing that takings were unusually high when the two were away together.

The two would collect cash from customers for bingo cards and electronic terminals and then record the payments on a reconciliation sheet. At the end of a bingo session, the cashier calculated the totals and submitted a print-off together with the sheet.

When the two were away, the manager looked at figures for the previous Saturdays and realised that the printouts and reconciliation sheets didn’t match.

Ultimately, the entire scheme was uncovered and Chang and Warrilow were charged and jailed, just going to show that crime doesn’t pay.

Finding Love at the Bingo Hall

You may not consider your local Mecca Bingo hall the most romantic of locations, but one couple from Liverpool will certainly always remember the Birkenhead hall fondly.

Aaron Scott decided it was the perfect place to propose to his girlfriend, Kayleigh Delamere, as they were both regular players there. The hall was busy that night and the bingo caller handed Aaron the microphone. He then got down on one knee and popped the question. Luckily, Keyleigh said yes and the crowd was soon cheering.

That’s not all, the proposal was filmed and uploaded to Mecca’s Facebook page, where it received more than 100,000 views.

Speaking afterward, Aaron said he was surprised by how popular the video became:

“I can’t believe how many people have watched it. With Kayleigh’s job she doesn’t get to go out much, so when she can we usually go the bingo so I thought it’d be nice to do it there. We usually go and have a few pints, Kayleigh usually has a pint of coke, and something to eat. We go as much as we can – sometimes it’s not very often but sometimes it can be a few nights a week.”

As for Kayleigh, she said:

“I had absolutely no idea anything was going on. It was a complete surprise, but we both love to go to the bingo together, so I think that’s why he picked there.”

However, the couple insisted that they would not be having their wedding at the bingo club.

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