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Bring the Game Home – Bingo Themed Décor

Bingo-themed home décor

We all know that online bingo is hugely enjoyable; from the social atmosphere to the possibility of winning huge prizes, it is indisputably a great way to spend time. However, have you ever considered that bingo can be a truly inspiring theme for home décor? While it may not be an immediately obvious source of inspiration, once you start looking into the design aspects of bingo games, it quickly becomes apparent that you can subtly introduce bingo into your home’s aesthetic without appearing to be a bingo-obsessed maniac.

Bingo decoration

Harnessing the Power of Bingo-Inspired Accents

If you are new to the world of interior design, you may not know what accents are. What they aren’t, is pieces of furniture talking to you in various accents like Spanish, German, Italian, etc. While that may sound like good value entertainment, in this case, accents are more subtle and provide long-term comfort.

Accents are simply pieces of decorative furniture or ornaments that enhance the appearance, style and atmosphere of a room. They don’t have to be thematic, but here we will be focusing on those that are related to bingo.

Get a Full House with Bingo Wallpaper

Bingo decoration wallpaper

Bingo wallpaper is definitely a bold move, but it can also be a huge amount of fun. There are a surprisingly large number of options as well. You could choose numbered wallpaper, ball-drawing wallpaper, or simply wallpaper that hints at bingo without being too over the top. Of course, you could always get wallpaper with the word “Bingo” in huge lettering right across it. This is definitely not a subtle approach, but it can be huge amounts of fun.

Bingo Cards as Art

When looking at the game of bingo as a whole, there is no doubt that the number drawing is the focus. However, for individuals, the bingo card or ticket is the most important thing. Why not consider hanging your lucky ticket on the wall? It can be a great way to stimulate conversation and bring some fun to your walls.

Bingo Lighting Decorations

This one may be more suitable for the hard-core bingo fans out there. You could buy LED light lettering to spell out the word ‘BINGO’. It might not be what you want in your bedroom or living room, but you could consider it for your games room or any other fun space you have. Of course, there are many more options than just the word ‘BINGO’ you could simply choose your favourite number or you could go even more extreme with an expression such as “FULL HOUSE!”.

Bingo-Themed Cushions and Pillows

Bingo decoration pillow

It isn’t difficult to find bingo-themed cushion and pillow covers. You can bring colour and comfort to your couches by throwing a few numbered or patterned cushions on them. You could even buy cushion covers with letters, one letter per cushion, to spell words such as ‘BINGO’ across the couch. The same, of course, applies to your bedding. You may well be able to find an entire set of sheet, pillow cover and duvet cover that is bingo themed, or if you are feeling extravagant, you could even design your own and have it printed onto plain bedding.

Bingo-Themed Mats and Rugs

A slightly more subtle approach may be a bingo themed doormat that brings a smile to the faces of bingo fans every time they enter the house. Alternatively, you could keep an eye out for some bingo themed rugs that you can place throughout the house, either prominently displayed or perhaps under a table. Maybe you could find a bingo themed bathmat (or perhaps one of those novelty toilet seats!). There are loads of options and it is easy to customise these things to your personal tastes.

Tips for Maintaining Balance

Unless you really are the world’s biggest bingo fan, a lot of the above may sound a bit over the top. After all, you don’t want your home to feel like some kind of gaudy bingo hall.

Ultimately, it is a matter of balance. Perhaps just choose one or two accent pieces for each room (rather than giant LED lights across the wall flashing the word ‘BINGO’). Accent pieces are designed to draw attention, to literally place an accent on a certain area. Therefore, having too many of them can actually become disorientating and stressful rather than fun and light-hearted.

You should also consider combining themes. In addition to bingo, you may want to consider a colour scheme that ties the room together. This way, the accent piece will be more of a subtle emphasis rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

As mentioned, the idea isn’t to turn your home into a bingo hall, but to bring a bit of fun that is based upon your favourite into the décor. Every just one small piece per room may be enough. One thing for certain is that you can have a lot of fun exploring how to bring bingo into your home. You could even make a bingo game out of the decorating process!

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