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Join the Action at Buzz Bingo Parties

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If you enjoy themed bingo nights, then be sure to check out what is happening at your local Buzz Bingo club in the New Year, as a number of truly exciting events have been announced, and you don’t want to miss out.

But If you’re searching for something more comfy and cozy, you could check out our online bingo sites list.

Dance Your Way to Winnings with Boogie Bingo

First, be sure to check the schedule for a Boogie Bingo night, which offers the “bingo you love with a musical twist”.

In the adverts, Buzz Bingo says that players should be ready to sing, dance and dab the night away. You can find information about the upcoming Buzz Bingo events online or by visiting your local club and asking. However, on its website, Buzz Bingo says to expect:

Each night is unique, so you will have to approach your local club for details of what is happening near you. However, they are always a huge amount of fun and it is more than worth making the effort to join in when you do find one taking place near you.

Join the Rave with Bada Bingo

Buzz Bingo clubs often host Bada Bingo nights, which are like nothing you will have ever experienced before. The best description comes from the adverts themselves:

“Picture this…you walk into an old-school bingo hall with gaudy carpets and bright red walls, BUT, there’s a twist. The lights are down, the music is loud. Confetti and flashing lights. You see someone in the distance running round in an inflatable cabbage costume. Someone shouts BINGO and they get up on stage and win a life-size cut out of Ian Beale. Then the crowd bursts into a hymn you haven’t heard since primary school. All of a sudden, there’s a full on MENTAL RAVE. Trippy? Nah. It’s just Bada Bingo.”

Players at Bada Bingo nights are expected to party hard, compete intensely for prizes, be prepared to let their hair down, and above all, have fun.

There are already several Bada Bingo nights scheduled for 2024 starting in February, with events in eight different locations. Best of all, tickets to most events start at just £8, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to join in with the fun.

Not for the Faint Hearted

Before rushing off to book your Bada Bingo tickets, make sure you know what it is all about, as it may not be for everyone. As the Bada Bingo website explains, it is for:

“For those who want COCK-TALES over cocktails, Dildos over Daiquiris. Blow up dolls, filthy rhymes, daft prizes and the best of times. Your halos dirty, ours is in the bin. Give us Ian Beale, Frey Bentos and gin. That night to remember when it’s all a blur. You’re dressed in designer, we’re in faux fur. Influencers beware, we really don’t care. Your filters showing, and that’s so not your hair!”

Just watch the video below for a quick preview of what it is all about:

Plenty More Buzz Bingo Events

Don’t worry if neither of the above events sound like your cup of tea, Buzz Bingo hosts different events regularly, simply keep your eye on its website and on the adverts at your local Buzz Bingo club.

You can also join in with the bingo action online. Buzz Bingo always has several rooms open and it is the first online bingo site to offer live bingo with real presenters, and there are often special events taking place in the live bingo room. You will also be able to enjoy numerous promotions and play for some huge jackpot prizes. In other words, it is always a special event at Buzz Bingo online.

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