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The Strangest and Most Hilarious Bingo Prizes Ever Won

bizarre bingo prizes
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Most of us play bingo, dreaming of hitting a huge jackpot and winning a life-changing sum of money. However, most online bingo sites offer modest prizes that while exciting to win, won’t change most people’s lives.

Occasionally, you will come across a bingo game that offers a completely different kind of prize and over the years, there have been some truly insane prizes on offer. Read on to learn about some of the most bizarre and hilarious bingo prizes to have been won over the years.

Your Body Weight in Cheese

UK-based players have likely heard of Bada Bingo. The company runs bingo raves in traditional venues, providing players with a completely unique experience. It is not only the atmosphere at Bada Bingo that is different, the prizes are also a bit nuts.

Back in December 2021, the company gave players the chance to win their body weight in cheese. It was during an event held at a Buzz bingo hall in Sheffield, and other prizes on offer included shark diving in Skegness. Bada Bingo doesn’t advertise its prizes in advance, but if it is unusual prizes that you are after, then it is always a safe bet.

A Dairy Cow

If you think winning your body weight in cheese would be inconvenient, imagine winning an actual dairy cow. There is some debate over whether the following actually happened or whether it is an urban legend, but according to some, a woman from New York who was taking part in a charity bingo game in the countryside truly won a cow.

The story goes that she had no idea what the prizes were and after calling ‘Bingo!’ was told that she had won a dairy cow. Unfortunately, there are no details regarding what happened next, but maybe she has spent the following years enjoying fresh milk as she plays online bingo.

Poultry and Thanksgiving Dinner

For more than a century, since 1914, The Danish Society based in California has been giving away live poultry, such as turkey, geese and ducks, for Thanksgiving. Today, the company is still giving these animals away, but now as bingo prizes.

In fact, the prizes include more than just the birds. Today they include enough food to make an entire family dinner as well as vouchers for El Rancho Market, which sells fresh produce. If you enjoy cooking and you like the idea of making an enormous Thanksgiving dinner, then perhaps this is the bingo game for you.

Adult Toys from Ann Summers

Many online bingo brands have been and gone over the years and back in 2007 fans of the game could play at The site was very much themed around the type of products found in Ann Summers shops, and the prizes were truly varied.

Members had the chance to win tickets to see shows such as The X Factor and Dancing on Ice, as well as a number of Ann Summers products including lingerie and sex toys. However, the site closed down in 2009, suggesting that the prizes really weren’t very appealing to bingo players.

A Pink Goat Statue

Many churches hold bingo games to help and raise funds, and at a small church in Iowa, a slightly odd tradition emerged around the weekly game.

One week, the winners received a garden ornament that was a pink statue of a goat. They placed it in their front garden, which apparently resulted in some jealousy. To solve the problem, the next week’s winners received the goat and put it in their garden, and the following week’s winners did the same. This exchanging of the goat continued for many years until the statue was sadly washed away during severe flooding in 2008.

A Small House

This is one prize that probably was life-changing for the winner. A number of years ago there was a trend for ‘tiny homes’ that were also portable. The Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, South Dakota, gave away one of these tiny homes as the top prize in a bingo game.

The home had two floors and was worth around $50,000. Prior to the game, it was on display at the casino for about a month and the winner could have it delivered wherever they wished. It truly adds a new meaning to the phrase ‘full house prize’.

Anything from Bongo’s Bingo

Similar to Bada, Bongo’s Bingo runs bingo raves across the UK and beyond. In recent years, the events have become something of a phenomenon known for their general levels of insanity.

It is impossible to know what bingo prizes are up for grabs ahead of a Bongo’s Bingo event, as it says on the website “it would spoil the surprise”. However, in the past, prizes have included henry hoovers, inflatable toys, cardboard cut-outs of celebrities, luxury holidays, speedboats, and cash.

While bingo raves with drag queens, dancing competitions, and general mayhem are not for everyone, if you are looking for unusual bingo prizes, then Bongo’s Bingo is the place to be.

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