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Card Based Games for the Bingo Lover

Card based bingo games
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While many of us usually would love to play online bingo at home or with friends and family, unfortunately, most people do not own the right equipment. However, don’t worry if you’re lacking balls; here, we’ll introduce you to games where, if you play your cards right, you can still shout “Bingo!” and bring the house down.

Card Matching Bingo – The Straightforward Alternative

If you are looking for a card game based upon bingo, very similar to traditional bingo, then this is the ideal solution. It will take you no time to learn, and it can easily be adapted for any number of players.


You will have to create your own bingo cards for this game, although you may be able to find some online. However, instead of featuring numbers, the bingo cards should be populated with playing cards. You will also need a standard deck of cards for the bingo caller, and players will need something with which to mark their cards.

The Game

Full house

Card Matching Bingo is very simple. First, distribute the bingo cards to the players and designate one person as the bingo caller.

The caller then shuffles the deck and starts drawing cards one at a time. Each time a card is drawn, the caller announces it, for example, Seven of Diamonds. If your caller is creative, they may even invent their own bingo calls, such as “Let’s double the love with the two of hearts”.

As the playing cards are called, the players need to mark them off on their bingo cards. As with traditional bingo, the aim is to complete lines. You could offer prizes for 1L, 2L and Full House, or you could turn it into a game of pattern bingo and offer prizes for the first to complete agreed upon patterns.

Blackjack Bingo – A Gambler’s Favourite

If you enjoy a night out at the casino as much as you enjoy playing bingo, then you’re sure to love this hybrid Blackjack Bingo game. The game combines elements of both, and it can easily be played at home. The rules are simple and it is suitable for all the family.


Once again, you will need to create your own bingo cards. The bingo cards should be populated with blackjack hands. For example, spaces on the bingo cards can be marked with “Blackjack”, “Soft 17“, “Hard 17”, “8”, “20”, and so on. In addition, you will need a standard deck of cards for the caller (or several decks of cards mixed together if there are numerous players) and a way for the players to mark their bingo cards.

The Game


It won’t take you long to get to grips with this game at all. The only thing you need to ensure in advance is that players understand the different blackjack hands (e.g. that “Soft” hands contain Aces that can be counted as 11 and “Hard” hands contain Aces that can only be counted as 1).

Make sure that each player has a bingo card. The dealer/caller should shuffle the deck and then start dealing two-card blackjack hands. As each hand is announced, the players need to mark them off their cards.

If you aren’t sure what to use as prizes, you could introduce betting on each round. Before a round starts, each player places an equal size bet into the pot (it does not have to be money, you could play with nuts, tiddlywinks, or anything else). The player who wins the round receives the pot. This way, players will be gradually eliminated as they run out of betting currency and an overall winner will be declared.

War Bingo – For the Highly Competitive

This game is a creative blend of the card game War and Bingo. It will take you no time to learn and is ideal for nights in with friends and family.


The equipment needed for War Bingo is exactly the same as that needed for Card Match Bingo. You need the bingo cards, a deck of cards for the caller, and markers for the bingo cards. To make the game more exciting, it is worth giving the dealer several decks of cards shuffled together, as this will make the game even more exciting. You can also include Jokers as wild cards.

The Game

War Bingo is highly intuitive. Each player receives a bingo card and the equipment to mark it with. The caller, or dealer, then starts drawing two cards at a time and laying them face-up in front of the player. If a player has a card that matches one drawn, then they mark it on their bingo card.

However, this is where elements of the game War come into play. If the two cards have the same value, then they are discarded, players cannot mark anything on their bingo cards, and another two cards are drawn. This can make the game exceedingly frustrating and entertaining for players, especially when they have just 1TG (1 To Go). If the dealer runs out of cards, then they can simply be reshuffled, and the deck can be restarted.

As in traditional bingo, the first player to complete a winning line or pattern shouts “War Bingo!” and receives the prize.

You’ll Ace Your Next Bingo Night

Card game based upon bingo offers a new take on the traditional game, so bring your bingo-loving family and friends together, shuffle the decks, and get ready for an entirely new and exciting form of Bingo fun.

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