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The Rebirth of London’s Bingo Scene

rebirth of bingos in london
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London is world-renowned for its nightlife. No matter what type of night out you are looking for, the city has it all. From shows, to concerts, to clubs, to restaurants and, of course, bingo. In fact, the last few years have seen a bingo renaissance in London and the UK in general.

Not only is bingo surging in popularity, but it is also spreading to younger demographics. Rather than the image of retirees shuffling down to their local bingo club with their Zimmer frames, in today’s London, you see young people getting dressed up as if for a night out clubbing or raving. We recently showed statistics about how many Brits played bingo last year.

What Is Driving the Resurgence of the London Bingo Scene?

For many years, bingo truly lay at the heart of many communities in London and beyond. Over time, attitudes and tastes changed, but the game failed to evolve, meaning that its player base aged and venues failed to attract the next generation of players.

However, recent years have seen a concerted effort by bingo venues to modernise themselves. They are investing a great deal of energy into become places where people know they can have an enjoyable night out with friends, eat and drink if they want, and of course, have the chance of winning some great prizes.

Furthermore, since the pandemic and the end of the lockdowns, there has been a general increase in demand for social group experiences, and bingo neatly ticks all these boxes.

The Range of London’s Bingo Venues

London is a vast city and as such there are a huge number of bingo venues. There are many of the more traditional types of venues; for example, there are Mecca clubs in Wood Green, Camden, Eltham Hill and more, as well as a number of Buzz Bingo venues. However, even these ‘traditional’ venues often offer modern experiences such as themed nights and parties. If you are still not convinced, then don’t worry, London has far more to offer when it comes to bingo.

Dabbers Social Bingo – Houndsditch

If you are new to modern bingo, then be prepared for a surprise. Think confetti cannons and cocktails. Each day of the week brings a new theme, ranging from cabaret to comedy, and there is even Doggie Bingo at weekends. The prizes are always fantastic and can include cash, holidays, and more. The games are packed with audience participation and there is an excellent food and drinks menu.

Blingo: Hip Hop Bingo – Camden

Hip-hop and bingo may not be the most obvious pairings, but that is exactly what this innovative venue in Camden has done. Run by Grandma Flash and her team, the games are full of laughter, dance-offs, lip sync battles, and some of the best 90s Hip Hop and RnB classics.

Musical Bingo – Multiple Venues

If you think numbers are dull, then Musical Bingo is the answer. To put it simply, the game replaces numbers with songs. Described as “London’s Ultimate Interactive Club Night” by Time Out, Musical Bingo nights take place right across the capital city. Inevitably, once the bingo is over, a night of dancing begins, but before that happens, you can expect great tunes, dance-offs, challenges, prizes, confetti, singing, drinking, and much more.

The Big Drag Bingo Brunch – Centre of Town

Taking place nearly every Saturday at London’s famous Tiger Tiger Club in the popular Piccadilly Circus, this event is run by the creative geniuses behind Ginger’s Big Drag Brunch and Kiki Drag Cabaret. It brings together bingo and a bottomless brunch, which means endless prosecco with a two-course meal while you play “the campest, most outrageous game of bingo since your Nanna last polished off her dabber.” They promise to have players on their feet and dancing while enjoying hilarious drag performances, live DJs, irresistible tunes, and prizes worth shouting about.

Ginger’s Big Drag Bingo – Shoreditch

Many would argue that this is amongst the best drag bingo evenings the UK has to offer. It features prizes, dance-offs, and party anthems and invites you to “kick off your wild weekend by playing bingo with the biggest baller in the game, Ginger will have you on your feet and dancing quicker than you can say HOUSE!” Doors open at 6 pm, the bingo games run from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm, and then after the show, the bar and DJs keep the party going until the early hours.

More Venues across the City

Many more bingo venues are waiting to be discovered, proving that the bingo renaissance in London is a fact. Elsewhere on this site, we have written about Hijingo Bingo and Bongo’s Bingo, both of which are high-energy bingo races that will have players dancing, drinking, and with a bit of luck winning. If you do a quick search around whatever part of London you happen to be in, you are likely to find a venue that offers the type of bingo experience you are looking for, and if you don’t, then there is always plenty of top-quality online bingo to enjoy.

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