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Adele Chooses Bingo for Post Vegas Relaxation

adele play bingo when homecoming
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International pop sensation Adele has revealed that she intends to achieve “peak physical fitness” and indulge in playing bingo once her Las Vegas residency comes to an end.

Adele will be performing her show ‘Weekends with Adele’ at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on the famous strip until the summer. The 35-year-old recently extended her run until the end of June, but afterwards, when she has some more free time, she is intending on working on her physical health and enjoying her social life.

Resolutions Revealed during Show

It has been reported in the British press that at a recent show, Adele shared her New Year resolutions with the audience. The first batch was related to improving her fitness:

“I don’t normally do New Year resolutions but I want to build my muscles in my core and my goal at the end is to learn how to do a backflip and not be in pain. So New Year’s Eve next year, I’m going to be in such good solid shape – that’s going to be such good fun – that I can do a backflip somewhere. I’ve decided that this year I want to get to my peak physical fitness. I did it a few years ago and I felt fantastic but I know I can get stronger than that because I got there. Then I got lazy. So I’ll start working out again to get my back completely right.”

It sounds as if those lucky enough to see Adele perform next year may see her flipping all over the stage. Additionally, since Adele loves playing bingo, there’s a chance we could spot her enjoying a game at a local bingo hall.

From Exercise to Bingo

Of far more interest to us was Adele’s next revelation. She said that after finishing her shows, she wants to start hosting weekly activities at her home for her friends.

“An activity every week and I was like: ‘Oh my God! I should do bingo!’ My grandmas and my aunties when I was younger would play bingo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I used to think that maybe they had a gambling problem and it wasn’t until I was older I realised it was a socialising thing more than anything … “So then I was like: ‘Oh maybe I can start actually doing it in real life’, but they’ve closed down. We used to have one called Gala Bingo … Anyway I’m gonna start hosting a weekly bingo.”

While she frequented her local Gala Bingo, a brand you may know for their catchy spot bingo calls ad we introduced a couple of months ago, the hall has since closed. However, she is sure to have plenty of options for bingo in Las Vegas and if the reports that she intends to return to London are true, then the capital has no shortage of bingo halls for Adele to visit.

There are also several reports that Adele is planning a number of performances across Europe where she will also find a multitude of bingo halls to enjoy.

The Top Vegas Bingo Halls

If Adele feels like exploring Vegas’ bingo halls, then she has a number of excellent options. Many believe that the Palace Station Bingo is one of the best rooms. Each game has a $100 jackpot and there are also a number of side bets available. Best of all, there are at least three progressive jackpots up for grabs each evening. If Adele wants to take things easy, she may enjoy the Senior Sundays Bingo Special.

Another popular Vegas bingo destination is Boulder Station. Bingo starts at 11 am and games run until midnight. Wednesdays are a particular highlight, with $500 jackpots up for grabs. The bingo hall is known for being very relaxed and there is also an excellent selection of food.

Alternatively, Adele could try the Red Rock bingo hall, which can seat 600 players and has at least eight bingo sessions each day. Furthermore, it offers some of the biggest bingo jackpots in town, $2,000, and there are also several special bingo promotions available throughout the year as special themed nights.

However, from what Adele said, she wants some time to relax at home after ‘Weekends with Adele‘ show ends, in which case, we suggest she checks out some of our recommended online bingo sites, which she will be able to enjoy with ease upon her return to London.

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