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Lifelong Bingo Player Wins £50k at Glasgow’s Forge Mecca Bingo

Glasgow Mecca Bingo jackpot win

A bingo player from Glasgow is celebrating after winning a £50,000 jackpot when playing at a local Mecca Bingo club earlier this month. If that is too far from home, you can always check online options in our Mecca bingo review.

However, the winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was playing at the club in the Forge shopping centre on Friday, July 7 when they hit the jackpot, describing it as “life changing”.

The player, who is 69 years old, was playing the National Bingo Game and called house on the 16th number to win the massive £50,000 jackpot. The player is said to be a regular at Mecca Bingo and has been playing at the club on Duke Street since they were 18 years old.

When asked about how they plan to spend their winnings, the delighted player said that they are “still struggling to decide how to start spending it!”

After the win, Paul McGlinchey, the general manager at Mecca Bingo Glasgow Forge, said, “We’re always thrilled for our winners, but the £50,000 National Bingo Game jackpot is a real cause for celebration!”

The National Bingo Game

The National Bingo Game takes place almost every day of the year in the afternoon and the evening. Tickets for the game cost £1 for 2 or £2 for 5 and the games offer a club prize and full house jackpot prizes of £100, £1,000 and the top prize of £50,000.

Claiming house in 24 calls or less earns the £100 jackpot, claiming in 20 calls or less win the £500 jackpot and claiming in 16 calls or less wins the top prize. It is possible to take part in the games in bingo clubs up and down the country with an average 260 clubs taking part in the afternoon game and 300 clubs in the evening game.

National Bingo Game

Impressively, the National Bingo Game has paid out more than £1 billion in prize money since it was launched in July 1986 and it is the UK’s second largest computer controlled game.

Glasgow’s Second Bingo Jackpot in July

Incredibly, it was the second time in a week that a Glaswegian hit the jackpot playing at Mecca Bingo. A player at the Mecca Bingo club at the Great Western Retail Park in Drumchapel won an incredible £60,000 on Monday, July 3.

The woman was playing on an electronic tablet at the club when she won and while she has asked to remain anonymous, she is a well-known figure at the club and has been visiting it every week since it opened.

The win came as she was playing Mecca Big Bonus, a new game that takes place twice daily in Mecca clubs across the UK. Tickets for the game cost £1 with the jackpot prize steadily growing until it is won. This was just the second time that the jackpot has been won since the game launched.

Laura Bell, who was the duty manager at the Drumchapel club on the night of the win, described the excitement:

“Everyone in the club froze when Drumchapel appeared on the monitor, and we realised that someone in the room had won. Then the customer ran over with her tablet, she was shaking when she showed me the screen with the £60,000 win! Everyone started whooping and clapping. Staff came out to congratulate the winner and customers were hugging her. We’re just overjoyed for her.”

Big Money Weekend at Mecca Bingo

Later this month, Mecca Bingo will be holding its Big Money Weekend at both the Forge and the Drumchapel clubs. On Friday 28th July the Drumchapel club will host two games with £500 prize and two games with £1000 while there will be two games offering £1000 at the Forge club. Saturday 29th July brings three £500 games at the Drumchapel club and two £1000 games at the Forge club. Finally, on Sunday 30th July there are six £500 games and four £1,000 at the Drumchapel club and eleven £1000 games at the Forge club.

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