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Britain’s Got Talent Bingo – Can You Win the Judges’ Jackpot?

Britain's Got Talent Bingo review

Britain’s Got Talent hit our TV screens back in 2007 and over the years, Ant and Dec have introduced us to acts ranging from the weird to the sublime. Luckily, you don’t need any great talents to play the bingo game based on the show and it gives you a far better chance of winning.

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo Basics

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game that gives players the chance to win up to six cash prizes. It is a cash-only room, which means that you will not be able to purchase tickets using bonus funds.

You can buy between 1 and 72 tickets and tickets start from just £0.10, so it isn’t necessarily an expensive game to play. As a nice bonus, there are special Star Struck games every 30 minutes and if you buy at least 6 tickets for one of these games and do not win a prize, then you will receive a free scratch card that could award you free entry to the next game. The free scratch card will appear automatically at the end of the game in the mini-games panel. You just need to scratch each square and if you match three symbols, then you win.

Britain's Got Talent

Like nearly all 90-ball bingo games, Britain’s Got Talent Bingo offers one-line, two-line and full house prizes. However, at the start of a game you also need to choose three lucky numbers. These are displayed on the three Xs above your tickets and they can help you win extra prizes such as the Judges’ Jackpot and the Buzzer Bonus.

Beat the Buzzer Feature

At the start of the game, three numbers are selected at random and displayed to everyone in the room. Unlike the lucky numbers, these numbers are the same for all players. Players who have purchased at least six tickets then have the chance to win a Beat the Buzzer prize.

To win a prize, at least one of the three numbers must remain uncalled before the full house prize is won. If one of the numbers is called, then one of the Xs in the feature panel will turn red as a buzzer sounds. There are three prizes up for grabs, Mini Talent (when 1 number is left uncalled), Big Talent (when 2 numbers are left uncalled), and Mega Talent (when all 3 numbers are left uncalled).

Winning the Judges’ Jackpot

If you are after extra prizes, then Britain’s Got Talent Bingo is the game for you. There are several types of prizes up for grabs courtesy of the Lucky Numbers feature.

As mentioned, you need to choose three lucky numbers at the start of a game. If your first lucky number matches the number that wins the one-line prize, then you win the Buzzer bonus prize of £0.50. If your second lucky number matches the number that wins the two-line prize, then you win the Audience Reward of £7.50. Finally, if you have won the first two prizes and then your third lucky number matches the number that wins the full house prize, then you trigger the Judges’ Jackpot.

The Judges’ Jackpot is a community prize that is split 50/50 between the winner and the other players who bought at least one ticket to the winning game. Most often, the jackpot is worth £250; however, it can be £500 or even £1000.

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo Design

The game is of course themed upon the television show and it shares many visual and audio elements with it. The prizes on offer are displayed at the top of the screen while the lucky numbers are in the middle.

Your tickets are shown at the bottom of the screen and they will be automatically marked as balls are drawn. You will be shown 1TG, 2TG, 3TG, etc. as each number is announced.

The overall design is very easy to understand and you can join your fellow players in the room’s chat where there is a great sense of community spirit.

Where to Play Britain’s Got Talent Bingo

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo was initially exclusive to Mecca Bingo, but it is now available at several other top bingo sites. Games take place every day from 9 am until 11 pm, so there are plenty of opportunities to play this fun variant and see if you can be the next winner of the Judges’ Jackpot.

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