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Newcastle Pub Welcomes Ex-Magpie Player Jonas Gutierrez for a Game of Bingo

gutierez joins bingo pub game
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Customers at a pub in the North East of the UK were surprised to find a famous former footballer in their midst joining them for a game of bingo.

Ex-Newcastle United player Jonas Gutierrez was spotted at the pub Butchers Arms in Byker, Newcastle, earlier this month, joining in with a different kind of ball-based action. Described as a “lovely gent” on the pub’s social media, the pub said that it had no prior knowledge of his arrival.

When enjoying games at online bingo sites, it is going to be far harder to spot the celebrities, but you never know who you may find in the chat room.

From Footballs to Bingo Balls

Gutierrez, dressed in a tracksuit and trainers as he marked his bingo card, was all smiles. Having retired from football in 2021 after 15 years of playing professionally, he has clearly found new ways to relax.

Gutierrez joined Newcastle United from Mallorca in 2008 and spent seven seasons there, making 205 appearances and scoring 12 goals across all competitions. He was one of the fans’ favourite players, well known for his hard work at dedication to the club, as well as his Spider-Man mask goal celebrations.

In 2014, Gutierrez was diagnosed with testicular cancer and took a break from the game in order to undergo treatment. He then returned in 2015 for a season in which he arguably made his biggest impact on the team, scoring against West Ham in Newcastle’s 2-0 victory at St James’ Park and securing the team’s place in the Premier League on the final day of the season.

Other Celebrity Bingo Lovers

Gutierrez is far from the only celebrity bingo player. Perhaps none have taken their love of the game so far as Kate Moss who, in 2006, spent more than £100,000 on a custom-made Swarovski crystal bingo set. The set was designed by Bodo Sperlein and featured 90 crystal balls as well as a silver-trimmed board. However, it was not commissioned for Moss’s personal use; rather, it was sold at a charity event.

Gutierrez is not the only football player to enjoy bingo, Cristiano Ronaldo is known to enjoy the game. He was given a DVD version of the game to help him improve his English language skills and he has since said that he finds the game thrilling:

“Playing bingo can be very exciting. It can be very exciting because you can be there waiting for a long time for just the one number to make the game complete. Then you see one of your friends you are playing against get his lucky number before you.”

Perhaps less surprising is Sharon Osbourne’s love of the game. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon was once the caller in a special Comic relief bingo game and demonstrated excellent knowledge of the game’s callouts. Furthermore, she once mentioned in an interview that she loves the social aspect of bingo and often takes her friends along with her. With the Osbournes relocating back to the UK, perhaps she’ll once again be spotted in a bingo club before long.

Even the royal family can’t resist the charms of bingo. The future king, Prince William, once surprised residents of a Cardiff care home by joining them for a game.

Other celebrities known to enjoy bingo include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robbie Williams, Mick Jagger, and Denise van Outen.

In other words, whether playing in a pub game, at a local bingo club, or online, it is clear that bingo can be enjoyed by all, regardless of fame or fortune. It seems it is definitely worth taking a moment to look around at your fellow players next time you go for a game, as you never know who you may find.

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