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Unusual Bingo Variants Worth Your Time

unusual online bingo games
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There is no denying that many of the games available at online bingos are much the same. Even if the rooms have completely different themes, 90-ball bingo is still 90-ball. However, some sites make an effort to offer their members more unusual online bingo variants. These can be great fun when you are looking for something a little bit different while still sticking to the beloved game. Next time you feel like a change, keep an eye out for one of the following games at your favourite online bingo sites.

Speed Bingo

Speed Bingo is a fast-paced and exciting game that is normally played with 30 balls and in which each round lasts only a few minutes. It is ideal for players looking for a quick and intense gaming experience. When played in a club, the variation tests reflexes and concentration, but even playing online when the cards are marked automatically demands a bit more focus. It’s ideal for those who are short on time but who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette brings together the unpredictability of roulette with the traditional format of the game. In this game, numbers are drawn using a roulette wheel instead of the usual bingo caller.

Players mark off the numbers on their bingo cards as they come up on the wheel. This combination creates a unique gaming experience perfect for those who enjoy both bingo and casino games.


Cinco is an innovative version of bingo that uses a deck of cards rather than numbered balls. Players must cover five consecutive cards on their card to win, and in this way, it can be said to incorporate elements of poker into the classic bingo game. This game requires strategic thinking and a bit of luck, making it a fun alternative for those who enjoy card games as well as bingo.


Slingo is a blend of slot machines and traditional bingo. Players spin a set of reels to land numbers that they then mark off on their bingo card. Slingo games normally have bonus symbols, such as wilds, that can help players along the way to wins. They also frequently offer slot-style bonus games, which offer separate prizes and even jackpot prizes.

Emoji Bingo

If you tend to use a lot of emojis when messaging, then this is the game for you. Emoji Bingo uses emojis instead of numbers on the bingo cards. The game mainly appeals to younger players and those who appreciate a visual twist on classic gameplay. Players mark off emojis as they are called out, adding a fun and relatable element to the game. Furthermore, at many online sites, there are special jackpots available in the Emoji Bingo rooms.

Burst Bingo

Burst Bingo gives players a chance to please their inner child by using balloon animals instead of traditional cards. Numbers are placed inside these balloon animals and players aim to match these numbers with the ones drawn to ‘burst’ their balloon. It is a playful twist on the classic game and looks very colourful as the balloons pop on the screen.

Cash Cubes Bingo

In Cash Cubes Bingo, players need to collect coloured cubes as numbers are called. Completing a cube by matching all its sides with called numbers wins a prize, and collected cubes contribute towards unlocking a bigger jackpot. The game can be found on online sites that run on Playtech software and very often, it offers a progressive community jackpot, which makes it particularly popular with players.

Mystery Jackpot Bingo

Mystery Jackpot Bingo adds an element of suspense to the traditional game by keeping the jackpot amount hidden until just before the game starts. This mystery factor adds excitement to the game before you even start playing and as the tickets are usually very cheap, it can prove to be an excellent investment. It is perfect for those who like the thrill of playing for big wins and seeking unusual online bingo variants.

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