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£12k Our House Bingo Prize Won at Buzz Bingo South Shields

Big Win at Buzz Bingo South Shields

Here is another exciting bingo insight from the UK. A woman from South Tyneside was shocked to win a massive £12,000 playing at her local Buzz Bingo venue in South Shields.

Elaine Kinghorn has reportedly been regularly playing at Buzz Bingo South Shields for years but she said that she never expected to win such a big prize. She was enjoying the ‘Our House’ game and managed to call house in less than 50 numbers. As a result, she will receive £1,000 every month for a year.

After winning Kinghorn said:

“I love coming to Buzz Bingo and I’ve been playing at South Shields for years, but never expected to win this big! I’m so happy and can’t wait to take my husband and little boy away on holiday and treat them all with my winnings!”

Chris Boland, the General Manager at the Buzz Bingo South Shields club, also welcomed the win:

“We couldn’t be happier for Elaine and her fantastic win. Everyone was cheering from their seats – it was such an exciting moment. We loved celebrating on Sunday 9th July with the £12,000 free bingo party our winner unlocked for all members. It was an evening of fizz, fun and even more winners right here in our club.”

Meanwhile, Stevie Shaves, the Chief Operating Officer at Buzz Bingo, said that they are delighted to see a player win the Our House game and that the atmosphere in a club is always “incredible” when it happens. He also said that Buzz Bingo players win more than £2 million each week and that they “love to celebrate every one of them”. There are a lot of Buzz Bingo prizes going around and we can’t wait to see the next win.

Buzz Bingo’s Our House Bingo

Our House bingo is a relatively new game to Buzz Bingo. It costs just £1 to play and players can add it to their Afternoon or Evening Main Event bingo. As Kinghorn discovered, calling ‘House’ in 50 numbers or less sees the player win £1,000 a month for a year in addition to the house prize.

Our House Bingo

As Chris Boland mentioned, winning Our House Bingo also unlocks a winner’s party for all players that were present when the jackpot was won. In the party, all players are given six free Main Event tickets and there will be a further £12,000 in prize money up for grabs.

Many More Extra Games at Buzz Bingo Clubs

Our House Bingo is not the only extra game available at Buzz Bingo clubs; there are loads of them on offer.

For example, the Buzz Bingo Special Bingo game gives players the chance to win a £50,000 jackpot. Once again, it costs just £1 to enter the game during the Afternoon or Evening Main Event and the jackpot is won if you call full house in 40 numbers or less. Better yet, even if multiple players call full house simultaneously, each one will receive the full £50,000.

Another popular game is Safe Cracker Bingo, once again available during the Afternoon and Evening Main Event. It costs £2 and opens up the chance of numerous extra prizes. Players will be able to see a large Safe Cracker Bingo ticket on the stage and there are four ways to win prizes:

  1. Players win £25 if they call bingo on any number that is on the big Safe Cracker ticket.
  2. Players win up to £100 if they call bingo on any number that completes 1 line on the big Safe Cracker ticket.
  3. Players win up to £200 if they call bingo on a number that completes 2 lines on the Safe Cracker ticket.
  4. If a player calls bingo on the numbers that completes a full house on the big Safe Cracker ticket then they win everything inside the safe.

The money inside the safe keeps growing until someone wins it and there is no limit to how much may be inside.

Plenty of Chances to Win Online

You don’t have to go to a Buzz Bingo club to be in with a chance of winning big, there are loads of chances to win big at the Buzz Bingo website. Bingo games are taking place around the clock and some of them have enormous jackpots just waiting to be won.

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