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Bingo and Slot World Records to Astound and Entertain

Amazing Bingo and Slot World Records

All online bingo players dream of hitting that world record jackpot, but there are many other slot-related and bingo records that fans have set over the years. Read on to learn a bit about them, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to make your own bingo world record attempt.

Bingo Records – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

You have probably entered a few online bingo rooms to find numerous players. However, in 2010, Coca-Cola Japan arranged a special online bingo game in Tokyo, and an amazing 493,824 players took part!

World’s Largest Bingo Balls

There has been some intense competition for this record over the years. Gala Bingo held the original record with balls that measured 60.1cm. Sun Bingo then usurped it with balls that measured 75cm x 70cm. Then in 2019. The Gila River Hotels and Casinos hosted a bingo game using inflatable balls that were over a metre tall!

What is the point of playing with extra-large balls if you are not playing with massive bingo cards? The Gila Rivers Hotels and Casino also hold this record. They created 6m x 6m cards for the aforementioned bingo game in 2019.

Highest Game of Bingo Ever Played

With the legalisation of cannabis in many US states, this record may be misinterpreted. However, it is actually referring to elevation above sea level. Most bingo games take place in bingo halls, which aren’t specifically high. However, a group of 24 Gala Coral employees decided to change this. In 2009, they went to Mount Everest’s base camp, which is more than 5,000 metres above sea level, to hold a game of bingo, securing them this world record.

Largest Bingo Drum

Sticking with oversized bingo equipment, it’s the turn of the drum. This record was set in Japan in 2017 when a drum just over 3 metres in diameter and slightly more than 3 metres in width was created. It was more than 22 times the size of an average bingo drum and was created for a New Year’s Eve event called MONST Bingo.

We’ve already mentioned the biggest online game. Unsurprisingly, the largest land-based game is considerably smaller but still huge. In 2006 in Columbia, 70,800 people came to play for £250,000 worth of prizes.

Back in 2008, Soraya Lowell hit an enormous jackpot of £1,167,795 playing the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot at a bingo hall in Scotland.

Darryl Howe gave all bingo players hope when he won an £18,000 jackpot just 40 minutes after creating an account. While perseverance is often the key, sometimes it is true that beginners have all the luck.

Longest a Basket of Bingo Balls Has Been Balanced

Some of these records truly veer towards the ridiculous. Dough McManaman from Canada set the world record for balancing a basket of bingo balls balanced on a pole on his chin in 2010. He managed to keep the basket elevated for an impressive 79.4 seconds.

Biggest Game of Office Bingo

Mecca Bingo holds this record. The company held a bingo game at its Maidenhead headquarters that saw 235 employees take part. They destroyed the previous record of 97 employees and earned a significant amount of money for the Carers Trust in the process.

Birthday Wishes

While this is not a bingo-related world record, it is held by Mecca Bingo. The record is actually entitled “Most videos of birthday wishes/greetings uploaded to a bespoke platform in one hour”. It was set in November 2021 when Mecca Bingo created a video album of 267 birthday wishes as part of the company’s sixtieth birthday celebrations.

Slot Records – Enough to Make Your Spin

iggest Online Slot Machine Jackpot Payout

This is a world record that changes quite often. It is held by a player from Belgium who was spinning the reels of Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad at Napoleon Sports & Casino Online and hit the jackpot of $23,632,599.85! The record was set on 27 April 2021, and there is every chance it will be broken in the coming year.

Pooled progressive jackpots can grow to enormous sums (see above). However, so can non-pooled jackpots. In 2021, a player from Finland was spinning the reels of Arabian Night when he won £7,321,810 from a bet of just £4.

Biggest Land Slot Machine Win

Incredibly, the biggest land-slot win dwarfs the biggest online win. A lucky player from Los Angeles bet $100 on a slot machine at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas and won a mind-blowing $39,713,982! He was reportedly just 25 years old; we hope he enjoys his many years of retirement.

Biggest Slot Machine Tournament

People often claim that slot machines are not sociable, but this world record more than proves that this isn’t the case. The world’s largest slot machine tournament happened on 30 April 2016 in Washington. It was organised by Muckleshoot Casino and Everi Games Inc. and saw 3,173 people take part. The top 20 players received payouts, and one player took home close to £40,000.

Players Playing the Same Slot Simultaneously

Even at the biggest casinos, there is a limited number of machines offering each game, making this quite a hard record to break. However, on 27 April 2013, at the Mohegan Sun Montville in Connecticut, Bally Technologies set this record by arranging for a group of 1,610 players to all spin the reels of the same game at the same time.

It would be an interesting adventure to participate in any of these events. Who knows, today you might have your chance to win a bingo or slot world record

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