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What to Do this National Bingo Day?

Ideas to celebrate national bingo day
National bingo day

The most important day of the year for bingo lovers is fast approaching, National Bingo Day! The day is celebrated every year on June 27 and has its origins in the US in the 1920s. While no one knows when the first National Bingo Day took place, it was imported to the UK in 2021, and this year, there will be special events both online and in bingo halls everywhere to mark the occasion.

Ways to Celebrate on National Bingo Day

You could choose to celebrate National Bingo Day in many different ways. Here we’ve put together a list of ideas. Some are easy while others may take a little more effort; however, we’re confident that you will find the right one for you.

  1. Hosting a Bingo Night: Invite your friends and family for a game of bingo at your home. The game is easy enough to run and as we all know, it is truly social. You can buy or make your own bingo cards, and you could even consider offering a mix of small prizes to make the game even more enjoyable. You could ask everyone to bring something small to offer as a prize to ensure that there is variety.
  2. Playing Online Bingo: As mentioned, you’ll find that many online bingo sites are running special events on National Bingo Day. It is worth doing some research in advance, as you may find there are special games with huge jackpots, special offers on tickets, tournaments, prize draws, bonuses, and so on.
  3. Visiting a Bingo Club: Check to see if your local bingo club is doing anything special for National Bingo Day. You may find there is an event with live entertainment, special bingo games, larger prizes, and so on. It is also a great chance to meet fellow bingo enthusiasts who live in the same area.
  4. Throwing a Bingo Themed Party: For those who enjoy hosting, a bingo-themed party can be a different and fun way to celebrate National Bingo Day. Decorate your home with bingo-themed accessories, see if you can think of some fun bingo-themed snacks or drinks, put on some bingo themed music, and have a great night with your friends.
  5. Charitable Bingo Event: Consider hosting a charity bingo night, where the proceeds from ticket sales or donations go to a good cause. The events are relatively easy to organise and it is a great way of bringing the local community together to have some fun and raise some money.
  6. Bingo at Work: If you’re going to be stuck in the office on National Bingo Day then why not see if you can arrange a bit of office bingo fun. Perhaps you could organise a lunchtime game or may be even create a special game of office bingo based upon things that are likely to happen during the workday.
  7. Bingo Tournament: For the more competitive bingo fans, organising or participating in a bingo tournament could be a fantastic way to celebrate. This could be held in a local community centre, park, or even online.

Reasons to Celebrate National Bingo Day

If you are a bingo lover then this doesn’t really need any explanation. However, if you are struggling to persuade others to join in with your celebrations, then consider telling them the following:

Bingo is social

Bingo is Incredibly Social: Bingo is all about friends and community spirit. It is a great way to meet new people, of bringing people together, and spending some quality time with them together with good-natured competition.

Bingo is cheap

Bingo is Cheap: You will not have to spend a huge amount of money to play bingo. You can, of course, play for free with friends and family; however, even if you want to play online or in a bingo club for real money, it is still a highly affordable game to play.

Bingo keeps the brain active

Bingo is Good for the Brain: Not only is bingo loads of fun, but it helps to keep the brain active. Players have to keep track of numbers while practicing skills such as pattern recognition. At the same time, it is an easy game, so you don’t need to worry about following complicated rules and strategies.

Have a Blast this National Bingo Day

We can’t wait for National Bingo Day next week. If you weren’t planning to celebrate, why not try one of the ideas from above? You are sure to have fun and may even find that the day becomes one of the biggest highlights of the year.

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