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Bingo Tournaments – Multiply the Fun and Catch Some Thrills

Online Bingo Tournaments fun play for amazing rewards

If you are looking for a way to make playing online bingo even more exciting, then you should consider participating in a bingo tournament. A tournament is made up of several bingo games, meaning you can enjoy even more action, and they often have enormous jackpot prizes up for grabs.

You can check our list of top rated bingo sites and get involved in a bingo tournament, or you can read the extra information we have prepared for you.

What is a Bingo Tournament?

Bingo tournaments are rapidly making a comeback and they can now be found at many of the top online bingo sites. In a bingo tournament, players collect points over a number of games for fulfilling various objects, for example, completing 1L.

The games in a tournament are often varied; for example, it may mix together different types of bingo, such as 90-ball and 30-ball. At the end of the tournament, players will win prizes based upon how many points they have managed to collect.

Online Bingo tournaments

A number of online bingo tournaments have begun offering progressive jackpots. With these tournaments, the more people who play, the larger the jackpot will be, and the jackpot will keep on growing until it is eventually won.

Bingo tournaments vary greatly in length. Some may last just a few hours, while others can last a week or even a month. You will also find speed tournaments; often these take place in the evenings, so that you can come home from work and set about trying to win a big prize.

Best of all, bingo tournaments are usually very cheap. It is rare to find an online bingo site charging an entry fee for a tournament. However, you may find that the price of the bingo tickets is a little higher than usual. This is because the tournaments often offer huge cash prizes and some may even offer prizes such as televisions, gadgets, or even holidays!

Chat-Based Bingo Tournaments

Chat-based bingo tournaments are probably the most common form. You may have come across them before without realising it, as for a long time they were simply called ‘chat games’.

Chat-based tournaments are particularly enjoyable as you are able to talk to the other players. A typical tournament may last for an hour or two, with ten games taking place each hour. Players will earn points for achieving certain goals, and at the end of the tournament, there will normally be prizes for the top two players.

Number-Based Bingo Tournaments

These tournaments take far longer to complete, but they are a good way of ensuring that you have some bingo excitement to look forward to at all times.

An online bingo site may ask you to pick a set of numbers at the start of a month. Then, over the course of the month, the more times you land those numbers, the better the prize you will win. Often, the prizes from these tournaments are on-site bonuses, such as free bingo tickets or loyalty rewards. However, you may also find number-based tournaments that offer cash prizes.

Slot Based Bingo Tournaments

Online slot bingo tournaments

If you enjoy playing online slots as well as online bingo, then these tournaments are perfect for you. Usually, you will have a bingo card at the top of your screen and a slot reel at the bottom. You spin the slot with the aim of crossing numbers off your bingo card, much the same as in Slingo.

However, rather than just playing a game in isolation, you are part of a huge pool of players. In other words, you will be taking part in a number of slot bingo games that are connected. The prizes from these tournaments often relate to online slots offered by the bingo site. For instance, the top prize might be 100 free spins.

Land-Based Bingo Tournaments

While we have only discussed online bingo tournaments so far, you will find many bingo clubs offering tournaments. Usually, these tournaments will have a small entry fee and they can come in different forms.

For instance, a tournament could take place over the course of an evening and they might have some small prizes up for grabs. However, some bingo clubs will run tournaments that last a month or even longer. These will require turning up to play at the club regularly, possibly even at fixed times, but they often offer some truly amazing prizes.

Online Bingo Tournaments Tips and Tricks

As you are no doubt aware, bingo is a game of pure luck, which means that there aren’t any ways of guaranteeing success in a bingo tournament. However, the following tips will hopefully help you along the path towards winning:

  1. 📜 Know the Rules – Make sure that you have fully understood the tournament rules and structure. You don’t want to be caught out and miss out on a prize because you haven’t properly understood how the tournament will work.
  2. 🕒 Be on Time – If the tournament you are taking part in has a fixed start time for games, then make sure you are not late!
  3. ✔️ Start Small – If you are new to online bingo tournaments, then it is probably best to familiarise yourself with how they work by joining smaller tournaments to begin with.
  4. 💰 Budget Carefully – As noted above, bingo cards are often a bit more expensive in tournaments, so be sure to manage your bankroll carefully in order not to run out of funds in the middle of a tournament. Also, be sure to watch out for any fees.
  5. 🎁 Check for Promotions – Many online bingo sites run promotions linked to their tournaments and this can be a very cost-effective way of entering a tournament.
  6. 🛡️ Last but not least – stay safe, choose only licensed bingo sites by trusted licensing authorities like UKGC, eCOGRA, etc.
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