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Types of Bingo Players – Have You Met Any of Them?

Types of bingo players

One of the reasons why bingo continues to attract huge amounts of players is the social nature of the game. Whether you are playing online or in a bingo hall, you will find that, more often than not, players are genuinely friendly and like to have a chat while playing. It means that in addition to the fun of the game (and the chance of big prizes) you will also gain enjoyment from meeting a range of different types of people.

If you have been playing for a while, you may have already noticed that there are various types of players, each with their own quirks. Here we will take a brief look at the different character types you are likely to come across while playing bingo. Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself amongst them!

The Newcomer

There is no escaping the fact that all of us start as newcomers (also known as newbies, beginners, rookies, novices, noobs, etc.). It is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can feel a little bewildering, especially if you join in the middle of a chat session. However, there are plenty of beginner bingo rooms, and these are fantastic places to learn the game and the lingo. Be sure to say hello in the chat; there will normally be a host to welcome you and help you get your bearings.

The Pro

The professionals, or veterans, are those who have not only been playing for a long time but also make full use of bingo chat rooms. These are players who log in multiple times a week and form the backbone of the community at their chosen bingo site. They are happy to welcome newcomers and show them the ropes, provide advice when necessary and could almost take the place of the chat host. In fact, some of these players do go on to become bingo chat hosts. Pros have earned the respect of their fellow players, and they can be a treasure trove of useful information.

The Show-Off

Show-offs, or braggers, are those that never seem to shut up after a win. Whether the win is big or small, a one-off or part of a lucky streak, they love to share their success and want others to celebrate with them. This type of player is also likely to provide regular updates about their game in the chat, letting people know when they are down to the final number. After a win, they will immediately log in to the chat to share the good news. While this may sound annoying, you will see that online bingo chat rooms are truly friendly places where people are happy to celebrate each other’s success, and this type of player can often be a source of motivation if you are down on your luck.

The Disappearing Act

Sometimes players will appear in a bingo chat room, introduce themselves, briefly join in with the chat, and then disappear. They may then pop up in another room and do the same again. These are players who can’t seem to settle. They are continually rotating through the different chat rooms to see what is going on but rarely say much, much like channel hopping while watching TV. Often players will remain in the bingo room for the duration of a game, but don’t expect them to become a regular in any individual room. If you want to have a chat with them, you may find that you have to do a bit of hunting.

The Chatterbox

Bingo really is all about being sociable, so chatterboxes are always welcome additions to any room. In fact, they are often the most popular players as they can help to break the ice and welcome others into the conversation. Chatterboxes are happy to celebrate other people’s success, commiserate with players, or just have a chat about the weather. They tend to use lots of emojis and are experts at bingo acronyms. While they do enjoy the bingo games, for this type of player, the game is definitely a sideshow to the chat.

The Superstitious

Bingo is a game of pure luck, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of bingo superstitions out there. Some players will swear by their lucky socks, their lucky numbers, and so on. Often, they will share their theories in the chat and sometimes they can be truly hilarious. However, as mentioned, online bingo chat rooms are positive and social places, so you will never see these players ridiculed. In fact, the opposite is true, often people will adopt the systems for themselves.

The Strategist

This is almost the direct opposite to the superstitious player. Strategists have carefully worked out systems, which can seem overly complicated. They may have betting systems, a methodology for how to buy tickets, and so on. It is possible to learn a lot from these players, especially if you are looking for new ways to manage your bankroll. However, you should always keep in mind that no system will guarantee a win, no matter what they tell you in the chat.

There you have it. These are the main types of players that you will come across when playing online bingo. The mixture results in a wonderful community and ensures that you will always have fun when logging it to play at your favourite site.

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Author: Kat Anderson
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