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Bring the Bingo Club Home with Live Online Bingo

Play Bingo live

If you ever play online casino games, then you will have come across live dealer games. These games feature live presenters and dealers who are streamed over webcam to players, creating a truly immersive and enjoyable atmosphere. Unfortunately, the equivalent options for bingo players have until recently been fairly limited.

However, nearly every online bingo site will have live chat hosts in some of their bingo rooms. These hosts are there to help players out, ensure that there is a fun and friendly atmosphere, and occasionally run chat games that give you the chance to win extra prizes. While the chat hosts do an excellent job, it isn’t quite the same as having a live video host.

Luckily, more and more options are appearing for those who want to enjoy bingo with a live host without having to visit their local bingo club or sign up for a bingo event.

Buzz Bingo’s Live Bingo

Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo is one of the biggest bingo operators in the UK with 91 clubs across the nation. It is also one of the first major online operators to start offering real live bingo online. The games are streamed with a live presenter allowing you to enjoy the same atmosphere that you would find in a bingo club while at home or even on the go via your mobile device. Better yet, thanks to the built-in chatroom, you can have fun getting to know your fellow players as you play.

You can also use the chatroom to send messages to the presenters and they will reply, which is something you can rarely do in a bingo club. The presenters even celebrate with players when they win, adding a truly personal touch to the experience.

Buzz Bingo currently have two live bingo presenters, Roger and Devin. While they are not available around the clock, there are live bingo games taking place every day of the week, sometimes with both presenters at the same time.

The games tend to take place either in the middle of the day (from 12pm to 2pm) or in the evening (from 7pm to 10pm), so everyone should be able to find a time that is convenient, and the ticket prices are no more expensive than for the regular games. If you are looking for live online bingo, then read more about this operator in our Buzz Bingo review.

Live Bingo Apps

There are a number of apps available for both Android and iOS that offer live bingo and amazingly, some of them are completely free to play.

One of the leading apps is Live Play Bingo. It offers around-the-clock live bingo games with presenters broadcast from studios in London and LA. There are more than 30 live hosts, so you are bound to find at least one that you enjoy playing with. As the app is free, it is no surprise that there is a great deal of advertising and they will also encourage you to make in-app purchases. However, there is no reason why you can’t play without spending a penny.

Online live bingo

The in-app purchases include things such as power-ups, gifts that you can distribute to the online community, and coins that can be used to purchase tickets. You can also earn free coins and power-ups by playing slot mini-games within the app.

Of course, as you are playing for free, there are no real money prizes on offer. However, if you are looking for a fantastic atmosphere, a truly social community, and entertaining live bingo action on demand, then it is an excellent option.

Host Your Own Live Bingo Game

If you are a streamer, then you could consider hosting your own live bingo game. For instance, there is a Twitch extension simply called Live Bingo and it does exactly what you would expect it to.

You can install Live Bingo from the Twitch Extension Store and it is very easy to set up. You will have the choice of many different themes and you can even run your own promotions, giving away free cards to your subs. There are also plenty of incentives for viewers to use Bits, so you could start earning money as a live bingo host.

A Thrilling Bingo Atmosphere Wherever You Are

While live online bingo may be in its infancy, as you can see there are already plenty of options. Sites such as Buzz Bingo give you the chance to play for real money while enjoying the atmosphere created by the presenters, while mobile apps will let you play for fun with a live host at any time. This is a trend that is sure to grow and become better and better as new features are developed. It is something that can only be properly understood once experienced, so be sure to give it a try as soon as you can.

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