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Cristiano Ronaldo Goals to a Bingo Card

90-ball Bingo with Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend. Young footballers look up to him, hoping to get insights into how they can be half as good as he is. After all, he’s bagged so many titles that living up to his standards is just but a dream for many. The man has scored a goal in every minute of a football game, which is akin to winning a 90-ball bingo game. This is a triumph only a few manage. Cristiano Ronaldo works hard for his achievements in football but also enjoys his time off, and one of his hobbies includes playing bingo. What is his secret to success in bingo and football?

Why Ronaldo Loves Bingo

Many know Ronaldo as a star in the football field. They have watched him beat the odds to become a legend. And even as he prepares to end his career with his latest club move, he’s still topping the charts. Of course, this comes down to discipline and hard work. There is no shortcut.

But as many footballers will tell you, having an outlet is key to surviving long training sessions and hard seasons. Sometimes, the pressure is so high that the players cannot help but feel affected. Can you imagine having hundreds of thousands of people talking about your performance in the last game? It’s not easy.

So, like many players, Ronaldo has many outlets. One of these is bingo. He first started playing the game in 2003 when he moved to Old Trafford. A friend gifted him the game, hoping to help him work through the pressure of being part of such a big team. And as luck would have it, Ronaldo took to the game like a fish in water. He was a natural. And now, decades later, he still enjoys crossing off numbers and hoping to win. To him, knowing that one number makes all the difference gives him the excitement he needs to dull any pressures in his career. Even if he doesn’t win the bingo game, he still feels like a winner.

In his words, Ronaldo offers, “Go crazy. What good is life without a hint of madness?” And what is bingo if it is not a bit of craziness? After all, you choose random numbers and hope to win in a situation where random number generation decides the results!

Soccer bingo balls

Benefits of Bingo

Is bingo and online bingo in particular madness? Of course! And it is sheer fun! Think about this game in the following ways:

  1. 1️⃣Simplicity: Many people work long hours and head home to more responsibilities. The average person works two jobs while others have as many as five to get by. So, any chance to relax and forget about piling bills is always welcome. And what better way to do this than by playing bingo? The game is very simple. You choose numbers randomly and mark them on a card. And the caller calls out the winning numbers. If you’re lucky to get the combo right, you take the money home!
  2. 2️⃣Socialization: At its core, bingo has always been a way for people to meet others. When it first started, people were recovering from the effects of the wars. So, meeting bingo players was a way to get support from people in similar situations. Over time, it became a way to make friends. And as science shows, this has had a positive impact on players’ cognitive skills and mental wellbeing.
  3. 3️⃣Excitement: When was the last time you took a risk? Many people don’t like taking risks. They think of the repercussions and steer clear of anything that’s outside the norm. They have too much to lose if they don’t live within the dotted lines. But deep down, people crave risk. They want to do something that gets their heart pumping and their palms sweating. So, bingo serves this need. When you mark a card, you cannot predict the outcome. You can only hope for the best. So, as the caller selects the winning numbers, you cannot help but feel your heart pumping at a fast rate. It is as close to a huge risk as some people will ever be. And it’s worth it because losing a game often has few adverse effects.

Bingo is also a great way to pass the time. And let’s not forget that it is lucrative. Some people have made millions of dollars from this game. And while these may be the lucky few, many others have won thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is enough money to set you up for years or a lifetime. And to make matters even better, online bingo games are cheap and they still offer big payouts.

How to Increase Your Chances in Winning

You may wonder how people like Ronaldo keep playing bingo without hurting their pockets. If anything, they get more money and fun out of the game. It’s not that complicated. Their strategies come down to the following tricks:

  • They know the rules: While bingo is a simple game, it features a set of rules which you must understand to have a good game. Note that bingo has variations. So, what works for the 75-ball game will not necessarily work for the 30-ball game.
  • They practice: The only way to gauge how well you understand a game is to play it. And Ronaldo has done this since 2003. While the goal is not to play for two decades before getting the hang of things, you should play the game severally to understand it. Many online sites offer demo games which you can try for free. Once you have played about ten times, you will know what works.
  • They have money management techniques: Bingo is a cheap game, especially online. But this affordability has a limit. Say you play ten games that each cost $1. You will only spend $10. But what if you play 100 such games? The figure jumps to $100. The easiest way to avoid spending more money than you should is to have a budget. Know what you can spend on games in a month. And once you hit this limit, stop playing or stick to demo games.
  • They play sober: Playing bingo while drunk or under the influence of drugs dulls your judgment. You might not remember the rules or may spend more than you should. You better your winning chances by playing when level-headed.

Also, good players understand that bingo is a game of chance that relies on random number generation. You can’t use strategies to beat the system. So, instead of focusing on winning techniques, spend more time having fun with the gameplay and the results will follow.

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