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Bring Christmas and Bingo Together with a Gift Giving Game

Christmas Bingo game
Christmas gift bingo game

All over the world, groups of friends and colleagues will be preparing to exchange Christmas gifts. If you are a bingo player, then you can make the entire process even more enjoyable with a Christmas gift bingo game.

You have probably come across the idea of a Secret Santa before. This bingo gift exchange game breathes new life into the process and is brilliantly adaptable so that you can use it with friends, family, and colleagues of any age.

The Basics

You will need bingo cards in order to play this game. You could use standard cards or prepare your own holiday-themed cards. For example, you could prepare bingo cards full of festive imagery such as trees, baubles, wrapped presents, sleighs, and so on. While standard bingo cards work just fine, festive cards will help to engage those who don’t usually play bingo and add to the overall atmosphere.

Each person taking part should bring a wrapped gift to exchange, and the gifts should all be placed on a table. You then play a classic game of bingo. The first person to get bingo then goes and picks a gift and unwraps it.

The bingo game then starts again. The next person to get bingo has a choice of either choosing a wrapped gift from the table or stealing an already unwrapped gift from a player who has already won. The game continues this way until no gifts are left on the table.

Exchangeable Gift Ideas

Christmas gift bingo

When arranging a game of Christmas gift bingo, it is important that everyone is on the same page in regards to gifts. It is a good idea to set a spending limit that everyone is comfortable with, and you could even choose a theme for gifts, such as Christmas ornaments, or perhaps gift cards for local restaurants.

When buying a gift, it is, of course, important to consider the people you will be playing with. The aim should be to buy something with a universal appeal so that no matter what gift a person is left with, it will be something they are pleased to have received.

How the Exchange Works

The gift exchange can initially sound slightly confusing, but it is truly very simple. As explained above, the first person to get bingo unwraps a gift and places it in front of them.

A new game of bingo then begins. The next person to get bingo can either choose a wrapped gift or steal the first person’s gift. If they choose to steal the gift, then the person the gift was stolen from gets to choose a new one from the table.

This process continues until there is just one gift left on the table. At this point, the last person to get bingo can choose to either unwrap the remaining gift or steal from any of the other players. If they choose to steal, the player the gift was stolen from takes the final gift from the table, and no more exchanges can occur.

A Game with an Edge

You may well have noticed that there is the potential for jealousy when playing Christmas gift bingo. There might be one standout prize that everyone wants, and it could be stolen multiple times. Furthermore, it is possible that one person may get bingo several times and win multiple gifts, while someone else may be left with nothing. You could make the game even more competitive by saying that a person who has a gift stolen cannot choose another until they get bingo once again.

However, assuming everyone playing enters the spirit of things, the atmosphere will remain light-hearted. Rather than sticking to the same old Secret Santa, why not give this game a try? Not only does it add a bit of excitement to the gift-giving process, but it is also the perfect way to introduce people to the joys of online bingo.

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